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surge cap

  1. Uberdriver_Orlando

    1.6 surge cap AGAIN, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL!!!

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! What is your (F) ucking problem UBER?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who decides to cap the surge? Why do you (F) uck with Orlando drivers so much? Surged several times last night and not once did it pas 1.6 ( in Orlando)_
  2. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Pulled from hot spot!

    I can't understand what is happening in our sad depressing market lately. For the past few weeks things have been extremely screwed up with the method of receiving ride request. I have been in the parking lot of cowboys, on the side road of gilt during the surges. ( which are now adjust non...
  3. U

    Surge capped at 1.7x?

    Did anyone see any surge over 1.7x last weekend? I never saw it higher than that in Tampa or St Pete, even at 3am on First Friday with the whole city surging. I think they may have capped it, unless someone saw it higher. If so, staying out until bars close is no longer worth it.
  4. Uberdriver_Orlando

    You have evidence now! ! SURGE CONTROLLING!

    It was surging all over central Florida most of the day Sunday September 4th, in the pouring rain, and yet we somehow had all areas covered so well with the over abundance of drivers, and the vast large coverage areas, that somehow we again never went over 3.0, actually never even reached 2.9..
  5. Manotas

    You're more likely to order a pricey Uber ride if your phone is about to die

    http://www.businessinsider.com/people-with-low-phone-batteries-more-likely-to-accept-uber-surge-pricing-2016-5 Uber can tell when your phone is running out of juice — and it has figured out that a low battery is a strong indicator as to whether you're likely to accept surge pricing. In an...
  6. Independent Earthling

    Surge Capped at 2.9x Today?

    I saw a message about the surge cap (2.9x) today when I started the passenger app this morning. I wonder who'd want to risk driving with that. I almost got into an accident today because my Prius wouldn't want to stop. Also, traffic will move much more slowly today, and we are mostly paid by...
  7. Wyreless

    Montgomery County Snow Emergency Monitor

    I figured would be smart to have a Thread dealing with just Montgomery County snow situation and driving. So if you have any news regarding situations, gas station closings, power outages, road closing,s etc as well as the UBER situation regarding Montgomery County, this is the place As for the...