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  1. M

    Not receiving surge rates?

    Has anyone been seeing the new "Entering into a surge zone. Your next trip will add $+++ to the fare" Well I have seen this come up two or three times but never get the surge when I accept the ride. Any tips on this?
  2. AP92

    Uber Fires Drivers Who Only Work Surge.

    Too bad we can't relate to this it rarely ever surges in the valley :D
  3. ayleen

    Turn Technologies wants to revolutionize the way you work

    Hi guys, We are interested in finding out how you use various on-demand platforms other than Uber /Lyft. This is not a promotion nor a referral link. Thank you
  4. HelloMate

    The Surge Murder

    In Aldgate tower are squeezing their brains trying to eliminate the Surge... Today I took this as advantage staying far from Soho and worked well (maybe I've been just lucky). What do You guys think of the new app features? They're trying to bring as much newbie as possible to the surge area...
  5. brbridge

    Everyone should thank me! Lol

    It seems as if, as long as I'm not logged in to the app surge is super high or happening at all, and everyone but me is benefiting lmao. As soon as I sign in it goes away. Somebody has GOT to be getting lucky, because it sure ain't me hahahaha. I didn't benefit from Arnold either... Just another...
  6. UberX and Select Driver

    No Surge Theory

    Uber(R) says they are aware of the no surge issue and looking into it. This is not happening in select markets, but nationwide. Wonder if it's part of an experiment to see how drivers respond to the absence of surge. Some have indicated it my be weather or normal for the season. . . . HA ...