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  1. T

    Can I deduct my state surchages (Driver's Responsibility Program)

    Hello fellow uberists, I have surcharges imposed by the state of Texas and I need to make payments regularly at https://www.txsurchargeonline.com/onlineservices.aspx or else my driver's license will expire. Can I claim these payments as a loss for my business? Technically, this is a cost of...
  2. BurgerTiime

    New York approves surcharge for Uber and Lyft rides in Manhattan

    https://www.engadget.com/2018/04/02/new-york-surcharge-uber-lyft-manhattan/ As part of the budget that New York lawmakers passed last Friday, ride-hailing services and taxis face a new fee if they drive in Manhattan. These aren't nickel-and-dime increases, either: Uber, Lyft and the like face...
  3. QLDUberDriver

    Uber will now charge you extra if your driver has to travel longer to reach you

    Uber will now charge you extra if your driver has to travel longer to reach you Uber is adding a bunch of new fees to sweeten the pot for drivers who may be reluctant to wait for slow passengers, drive longer distances for more out-of-the-way pickups, or get hit with trip cancellations at the...
  4. Lurking

    Newark Airport Pay

    I would appreciate some help. How much are you supposed to get paid for a trip to Newark International Airport in New Jersey with a Connecticut pickup? As I understand it, the components are Base Fare + Mileage + Time - Uber Service Fee (not applied to tolls & surcharges) + Surcharge for...
  5. S

    Uber Long Island Strike

    I would like to organize a Uber/Lyft Long Island strike to protest the extremely low rates on Long Island. The are roughly 1/3 of what they are in NYC and the Hamptons with a similar cost of living. We as drivers cannot continue to work for these extremely low wages. I have been doing many rides...
  6. Maven

    Don't LYFT into NYC

    Completing a LYFT fare anywhere into New York City means you are losing money. Lyft does not pay drivers the $15 surcharge provided by Uber to compensate for: Return Tolls "Dead miles" driving back empty. Additional traffic and other hassles unique to driving in NYC No Tips from cheapskate...
  7. P

    Response to Matt Denman's encouragement to parition MP over $2 levy

    Hi Matt. Thanks for the note. Personally, I think the levy is fair. My own completely unscientific survey of Riders indicate that the riding public are supportive of the surcharge in principal and it would not affect their decision to ride with UBER. On another matter. Now that Uber has...
  8. Antonio Knight

    Nice Snow Storm Surge Story

    I was driving yesterday down comm ave when i got a ping for a 1.8x surge fare. Luckily it was just one block down the road. I get here and i wait, I noticed that the name was very asian (I mean i couldnt pronounce it to save my life) I quickly noticed two nice looking Asian gals come out of a...
  9. boston_uberx

    Why do people @@@@@ and moan about surge pricing??

    People know about the surge pricing it's not a Secret. Why do people go off when they find out about the ride cost??
  10. Manotas

    You're more likely to order a pricey Uber ride if your phone is about to die

    http://www.businessinsider.com/people-with-low-phone-batteries-more-likely-to-accept-uber-surge-pricing-2016-5 Uber can tell when your phone is running out of juice — and it has figured out that a low battery is a strong indicator as to whether you're likely to accept surge pricing. In an...
  11. Daisey77

    Uber claims my rating fell down to 4.38 . Therefore refusing to pay me my incentives.

    So Uber Refused to pay me any of the hourly guarantees last week. They stated my Overall rating fell down to a 4.38! However 20 of my 22 rides gave me 5 stars. Even if the other two trips rated me a one star,it is mathematically impossible do get a 4.38. It should have been a 4.64. On top of...
  12. Uberduberdoo

    Safe Driver Fees, now that sounds about right.

    Additions are welcome. With a "Safe Driver Fee" or SDF a 1$ base fee plus .10 cents a mile, added to the fare, drivers would be compensated for but not limited to: 1. An extra $1.10 for the 1 mile ride. 2. That empty return trip. 3. Marketing efforts. 4. Air fresheners. 5. Car washes. 6. Four...
  13. Rockwall

    TOLL, SURCHARGE, & FEE that can be passed to Riders

    Does the below section From Uber rider site mean we can ask for extra charge when dropping in a far city , where there is no chance in hell to get a ride back? Other fees: You may also pay a surcharge or fee charged by your transportation provider for other costs or inconveniences such as a...