1. Jack Malarkey

    Inquiry into retirement income system

    The Australian Government on 27 September 2019 announced an inquiry into the retirement income system: The inquiry is to release a consultation paper in November 2019 and...
  2. UberDriverAU

    Super for 2nd Income Drivers

    Prior to the 1st of July 2017, drivers who earned more than 10% of their assessable income through employment weren't able to claim a tax deduction for other super contributions made through "self-employment". That always struck me as a bit of an odd and unnecessary rule, and it was abolished at...
  3. Modern-Day-Slavery


    Are Uber drivers supposed to pay themselves superannuation? I do Uber full time but I have not contributed to my super in years as i hardly have enough money from Uber to repair the car. What do you do?
  4. PartnerPeople

    Pit Stop coming to Sydney, share your ideas and win fuel Cards!

    Hello everyone, My name is Mark Atkins, I am the Marketing Manager for PartnerPeople We are planning to open a pit stop, which will be a free service for Uber, GoCatch, HC and other ride-share/taxi/limo drivers... it will also be open to the general public. The pit stop we are planning is to...
  5. UberDriverAU

    We Are Contractors ... Or Are We Really Employees

    Well this could get interesting. I wonder if Uber has had a play with the ATO's Employee/Contractor Decision Tool?