sunday morning trip

  1. Russ Reed


    So today to keep my Sunday mellow and drama FREE! I decided to well, blasts Fleetwood Mac and Simon amd Garfunkel b/t rides and w/ riders! Whats your mellow Sunday?
  2. R

    Pasadena Area to LAX on Early Sunday Morning

    I use Lyft/Uber all the time, but tomorrow for the first time I need a ride from Altadena to LAX leaving at 4:45am. Given that it is a Sunday so early in Pasadena, I am concerned there won't be any drivers at that hour and am considering booking a taxi instead. I can't test it out since it is...
  3. L

    Needing Ride from Burleson to Bedford Sunday between 7am and Noon

    Dear Uber Community: Are any of you driving between 7am and 11am tomorrow (Sunday)? I'm looking for a ride from Burleson to Bedford--In the past, the fare has been about $40--If you're interested, please private message me your name/number. The Burleson address is not in the pickup zone, so I...