1. Daniello

    Everyone must be having a great day with this beautiful weather

    Summer is here, how is everyone enjoying such a beautiful days, Summer surely came early
  2. GruveRecords

    Was fun while it lasted, but

    This hustle is officially done in South Florida. Way too many drivers and no more snowbirds. Worst weekend I've ever had..It's been 20-30 minutes between pings and I've done more McDonald's orders than I want to admit. Today: 5 hours = $38 Yesterday: 7 hours = $80 - If it weren't for a...
  3. Canteev

    Was the Shore dead this weekend?

    I didn't have much trouble finding rides, but I had my worst summer weekend. I have never once seen so many 1.2x to 1.5x surges in my time at the Shore. Since I refuse to go a bar closing without at least one 2.0x, I went home. As others have said, maybe it's the calm before the storm, as...
  4. R

    Summer slowness & new job

    My first summer driving uber in ATL was 2015. It was slow. Also slow summer 16. Fast forward to March earlier this year. I'm droppin a UberX ride off at the airport and my engine conked out on me near the taxi lot on the North terminal side and my passenger walked from there (he wasn't mad he...
  5. jdlewis5293

    How is Peoria during the summer when school is out?

    I drive in Bloomington-Normal in the school year where I make very good wages when driving the Thursday, Friday, Saturday bar shift during the school year. Now that it's summer, I'm averaging $15 an hour, which compared to the school year, that's super low. Is the bar shift in Peoria any...
  6. Uber Man Boston


    Worthless. What a waste. I'm never going back there again.
  7. Uber Man Boston


    No thanks.
  8. FUberman

    Bottled water?

    Does anyone still give bottled water to their passengers? I used to store small 4 oz bottled waters in the back seat for passengers and offered till I stopped driving at the end of winter. I'll be taking another crack at this TNC starting Friday so I'd like some feedback if others are...
  9. J

    You'll Make No $ Memorial Day through Labor Day

    The snowbirds are gone from early May until mid to late September in Fort Myers/Naples. I've been driving for get maybe 2-5 rides a night. I'm barely making a profit to cover my gas. It's not worth it until the place becomes packed with people. All my rides are taking people to and...
  10. D

    super slowed summer uber driver? Fort myers , Naples

    ive noticed that this month the number of ride requests have dropped substantially ... and i mean crazy less, i could normally make 400 ish in under 20 hours and get constant ,0 , 5 , 10, sometimes up to 15 but not often, min between at most when i chose to drive... now i can sit in my house or...
  11. G

    Average pay during summer here in Phoenix

    Anyone who's worked summer here in the Phoenix area, how much is your average earnings per week after expenses(gas/future maintenance), and how many hours do you drive to earn it? I service pools right now and I'm wanting to cut down on the number I do and make up for it driving for Uber, so I...