1. Pax Collector

    Yeah, I think I'll go home lol

  2. Olen

    Destination Set

    Trying to catch a ride towards your destination? Well @@@@-off Uber says. In the past year it worked maybe twice and all the other times it just gets wasted by a stupid 2 mile ride and not even heading to my destination. Not only do we get paid nothing we’re just modern slaves. Can’t wait to...
  3. Djhuber63

    Giving it all away!

    Apparently we are not all masochists. We’re giving it away! Points for those that spot the very clever maths performed by the Ola spokesperson! Drivers ditching rideshare apps...
  4. A

    So far, so good

    I just re-signed up with uber after 2 years, just so I can try eats delivery. So far, 3 pings and the closest one is 12 minutes away. I now rememer why I gave this up for a spare time gig. 0% acceptance rate should help me out. (P.S. I'm on the north side of Chicago, so 12 minutes means 20 minutes)
  5. U

    Uber commercial

    So now uber is posting commercials with 7, sorry 21 layer dip bowl in the backseat that is over a foot in diameter. They give nof!!!
  6. E


    I had three straight request for 20 min rides and now my acceptance rate is 55 percent because I denied them. I have been online for 8 hours this week with no request until now. What the hell, man??
  7. Kawiz03

    Any good tire repair open 24 hr

    Sooo the inevitable happen got a damn flat anyone know any good places in the DMV who are open for a reliable tire or patch thats open??
  8. ARD

    UBER STRIKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Edman

    $2.75 Gas Price Ouch.....Drivers feeling the PAIN?

    $2.75 Gas Price Ouch..... Gas Price goes up quickly but comes down very slooowly, Says the local news.... Another Hurricane on the horizon, future doesn't look good with Gas Prices for Uber Drivers :(
  10. S

    Uber Eats bag is unsuitable

    Just collected my stuff to do Uber Eats the other day and the bag is just about bigger than half a metre wide and very narrow. The shoulder straps are so small and I could definitely see coffee cups and Maccas drinks spilling over inside. Even pizzas would have to go in vertically so all the...
  11. nomogmos

    Uber counts "wait time exceeded" in your Cancellation Rates

    It appears that when you cancel, because uber tells you to when the wait time is exceeded, it is counted against you in your cancellation rate! About the only time I cancel, is when a POOL call exceeds the wait time and uber tells me to cancel. If uber tells me to cancel, uber should not...
  12. infinique

    Here’re the reasons why Grab’s unsatisfactory for drivers

    1. Caveman technology. Don't even have built in ERP toll deduction. Driver have to manually key in toll amount after end of trip. Grab customers like to chat a lot with the driver towards the end of trip. Verdict? Constantly subsidizes ERP toll for customers. When call Grab support to add credit...
  13. Silent_Philosodriver

    It's 2016 - When will Google Maps understand we live in a 3-D world!!??!

    It has stopped being funny and has become an annoyance again to me. How come Google Maps still sends you to the Bay Bridge when dropping someone underneath?? (e.g. Pier 24) like it tried to do to me last week. Caught early as well. Or today, going to drop a pax at Selby street (mostly under...
  14. SafeT

    Desperate SUV drivers in all catagories (SUV, BLACK, XL)

    Just keep requesting XL until you get one of these desperate dweeb FUbers fools for the cheap.
  15. Edman

    I rejected Uber POOL Ping then my App acted strange...What happened?

    Last night I rejected two Pool Ping and my apps started acting up. It seems like people were requesting for rides but I could not accept any rides. Do you know what that is all about? I had 4 other rides requesting for pick up but I was unable to accept it. My apps were acting weird after...
  16. dabossman212

    Thursdays suck

    I always feel like Thursday is the deadest day of the week in Tampa. Anyone have any tips for ANY sort of action on a Thursday in Tampa?
  17. Uber Man Boston


    Worthless. What a waste. I'm never going back there again.
  18. U

    i feel like a real uber victim

    I feel like a victim of uber! Does anyone else feel the same?? It all began shortly after signing up for uber about 3 months ago. I woke up one day to see a text message from uber claiming I was passing up on some ride requests and told me to check my email. "You've been online, but not...
  19. SafeT

    Maximum driver saturation is here

    Is you drive in any populated area you are no doubt seeing an Uber on every corner by now. Multiplying every week. Even in residential. Scroll around the rider app and it is like that across the entire state. I am now waying possibly selling my Uber car, since it is my second car. I'm finding...
  20. S

    Uber App Sucks

    I realized how bad the Uber app is today, at bay to breakers. So I was in the middle of a surge (which wound up lasting like 4hrs)on the south side of the park and it was giving me requests to the other aide of the park. I was forced to accept after cancellimg twice, so I then drove to the...