1. Szjohnson

    Alright whooo screwed up the Subway deal

    I used it 6 times and really appreciated the free soda in the middle of a shift. Tried it two weeks ago and they said “the owner no longer wants to do it bc of some problems with some of the drivers”. Next thing it’s been canceled. I blame it on some small minority of sh-tty drivers who prob...
  2. BadYota

    No more daily snacks?!

    Anybody actually consistently redeem their daily snacks? I got my subway sandwich once and it was such a hassle and waste of time that I never did it again. I can see why they discontinued it as Subway cannot probably give out enough cookies and drinks to not go bankrupt especially since most...
  3. tohunt4me

    Explosion-22 injured by underground Subway Device at parsons Green London

    London Officials are now officially calling the underground explosion this morning at Parsons Green underground tube a " Terrorist Event". 4 days after the 16th anniversy of 911 in New York in America. 22 people injured. Explosion sent a fireball then smoke through the tube system in the area...
  4. UberxGTA

    Growing Love for the TTC.

    I have to admit love hate relationship with the TTC. Hate the streetcars, Love Monday morning rush Subway breakdowns.!!!:D