1. Kurt Halfyard

    905 or 416 [POLL]

    The GTA is vast geographically, stretching from Oshawa to Hamilton around the lake, and extending up towards Aurora/Newmarket North of the city. Do you 'identify' as a 416 City driver, or do you rigourously stick to the Suburban rings? You can select up to three options in the poll.
  2. pizza guy

    The Blue Wall Cop blew a .17 and they let him order an Uber home. Better yet if you watch the video at about 8 minutes they have audio and video of a cop moving the car off the street while...
  3. pizza guy

    Did things improve this week?

    Has anybody else noticed a significant improvement this past week? Out here in the suburbs Uber was pretty pathetic all summer but I think things are finally back to somewhat normal with kids back in school, college students back, and more business travelers on the road.
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    Play Taxi Downtown versus Backyard Base in the Burbs

    I understand that this doesn't work for a full-time UBER driver, or even for other Mississauga/Suburban part timers, but my system is ridiculously simple, and I'm only doing LYFT - I could make far more if I installed the UBER app and did both: Drive after 10pm. (mostly on weekends.) Read...
  5. HurbBurb

    Uber before 8 am Saturday in Trexlertown??

    Hi There! Joined here mostly because I'm having a panic attack over a scheduled Uber pickup. What are my odds of getting a driver out in the Trexlertown/Fogelsville area before 8 AM on a Saturday? I did a scheduled pick up but there's no way for me to confirm if a driver will actually come...
  6. Kurt Halfyard

    Return to Larger LYFT fares

    pretty solid bit of suburban driving over the last couple days. Most LYFT fare back in the double digits.
  7. pizza guy

    Price differences between x and pool

    A friend who doesn't drive is coming over to paint my place this weekend. Just in case we started drinking I wanted to know the cost of Uber vs driving him myself so I checked. Lisle to Elgin pool was $45 and x was $60. The thing is the expected arrival time had only a 2 minute difference...
  8. burgerflipper

    Anyone here have a nyc suburbs account?

    It's far from being finalized, but there's a good chance I'll be leaving the city in a month or two, and in preparation I'd like to set up an nyc suburbs account, what I'd like to know, if any of you have done it, is whether they deactivate your city account when you apply. I've heard that's how...
  9. M

    2010 cars: Where to work?

    Hello, My car is now out of date for Toronto, Missisauga, and Oakville. I live in the city. Where is the best suburb starting point to drive to? Scarborough? Vaughan? Is it worth continuing driving for uber at this point? Im not doint delivery/eats. My first time back on the road wednesday...
  10. NatRex23

    UberEats - Popular locations in Adelaide??

    Hi I'm new to UberEats and am wondering if anyone can recommend areas/ suburbs in Adelaide where there are lots of restaurants registered with UberEats? Just don't want to waste time and money driving around aimlessly! Thanks in advance! Any tips appreciated!
  11. pizza guy

    Using the 45+ minute warning

    Just curious how you guys are treating the 45+ minute warnings. I absolutely love and in some ways it makes up for losing the 6 DFs. I try to stay in the suburbs and this warning makes that really easy considering anything on the Ike is at least 45.
  12. S

    Please reply if you have a day job

    Hello All, I am really interested in becoming a uber driver. I Currently live in Northbrook and work in the Woodfield area. I work a 9-5 job Monday to Friday and I am looking to make some extra side cash and wanted to get advice/feedback on individuals like myself who work during the day but do...
  13. pizza guy

    Dealing with regular riders

    This probably doesn't apply to city drivers but if you actually make money doing this in the suburbs you probably have lots of repeat riders. How do you deal with repeat riders who are just plain bad riders? I go out of my way for people that live in my apartment complex (5,000 people) and...
  14. I

    UberEats Chicago - Oak Brook, Darien, South Addison Surges/Guaranteed Rates?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this website and I just had to ask a question in regards to UberEats if anyone here works with it. So at the beginning of this week, I noticed we have been receiving e-mails from Uber stating that partners are guaranteed a certain amount of money per hour just by...
  15. pizza guy

    Another expressway shooting

    Shooting kills Florida truck driver on I-88 near Oak Brook
  16. lyftcricket

    Driving in midcities area?

    Hi All, I started driving for Lyft in 2015 but haven't done it for most of this year (moved, switched vehicles, yada yada, yada). Now I'm thinking about getting back in cause I have a lot more spare time on my hands but wanted to see if it's "worth it" in the midcities area where I now live. I...
  17. pizza guy

    Regulating TNP's at a state level

    I would like to invite all TNP drivers from city and suburban cab drivers to ride share drivers to petition for consistent statewide regulations. Although Chicago dictates the market there is nothing preventing other large or small towns in Chicagoland from adopting a patchwork of laws. I would...
  18. pizza guy


    Just wondering how often everybody else has repeat riders. I drove one guy 4 times @ $15 a ride this week. Another guy I drove 3 times and 3 other rides were people I had previously driven. These were all close to home but I often get repeat riders far from home close to where I drop of my...
  19. pizza guy

    Uber delivery coming to Oakbrook

    Anybody see something in the app about this? Considering the Oakbrook is set up it might not be bad. My concern is everything would be going to the loop.
  20. pizza guy

    Eats in suburbs?

    The rider app is showing eats as an option for me in western suburbs. Are they expanding or just trying to get me to download another app?