1. N

    Any international students/workers working on uber?

    I have question about the GST registration that Uber asks us to do. I'm new to the country and I'm starting to drive for uber. I know that we need to register for GST but they won't let me do it online. I called CRA and they said I needed to register by mail as a non-resident. Has anyone...
  2. T

    Ridesharing more than 20 hours as international student in Toronto?

    Hello everyone! I am an international student in Toronto and I've worked with Uber about a month at this time. Last week I started to drive for Lyft as well. I realized, that I am driving about 30 hours per week (sometimes less, sometimes more), as I do not have study right now and I use most of...
  3. T

    Single seeking...

    Buenos tardes. I have been keeping an eye on the flex website for quite sometime in the hopes of applying to work in La jolla. I am a student at ucsd who uses an international drivers license (I test CA drivers end of May). Can anyone tell me how often opportunities pop up on the website ?
  4. A

    Are there any students making 500$+ per week consistently?

    Hello, I am looking for drivers on this forum that are averaging 500$+ a week working part time. I have a few questions and would appreciate a moment of your time. Thank you
  5. BurgerTiime

    Student hails Uber for 2 strangers and gets slapped w/cleaning fee and starts go-fund-me Two drunk girls puked in my Uber and I’ve been slapped with a $150 bill The Tab [Ohio State] by COLLEEN WUERTZ They won’t answer my messages and blocked me on Facebook An...
  6. A

    Students who drive uber?

    Hey I am thinking of transfering my courses to Toronto and finishing school there. My question is to full time students who work uber. How do you manage and when do you work? Would it be enough for paying of living fees?
  7. Buddywannarideagain

    Students back soon

    once the students come back, we should see a lot more surge. And riders - tip for the love of god!
  8. Kat.from.New.Jersey

    UberX and Lyft (standard 4 seat) can't ALONE support a NJ resident.. Anyone else struggling like me?

    I'm i m NJ and have degrees. I graduated with a 4.98. I can not find a job. I had a few contract jobs after college, and I bartended while in college, but my body is really screwed up from all the heavy lifting and being on concrete floors for 10 to 15 hrs a day. I have 2 herniated disks, bone...
  9. D

    New Driver Help and Advice

    Hey uber drivers and new ones I'm completing all my requirements for TLC will have all documents submitted to them by end of week next week. When can I expect TLC license in the mail? I have a clean Driver record, signed up for uber at office and done examination and all, and a full NYC class...
  10. C


    Hello, please help!! My car was stolen on 11/21/2016 on the 1500 block of Federal Street between the times of 9-5. The car is a silver 2010 Nissan Rouge, license plate KFH7135, there is a Dean Honda bumper sticker, it does not have a roof rack. If anyone sees this car please contact me...
  11. Sainty13

    Is doing Uber part time while studying(full time) a good idea?

    Hi Guys, Just join this thread not long ago, as I have the intention to do uber part-time while studying in SIM (Full Time) as I will be graduating in 2018 so need suggestions and opinion if its good for me to take up uber as an part time job till i graduate. As my school lessons varies, so...
  12. BurgerTiime

  13. jehfmatic

    Graduated college. Ubering 'til I find a "real" job.

    Hey what's going on everybody? I'm new here. Just wanted to get some advice and tips from LA/OC Uber drivers. Here's my situation. I just recently graduated from CSULA with my BA Degree in Communications (Public Relations). However, finding a job in this field could take 6-12 months if lucky...
  14. Everette

    Using Enterprise/Uber temporary

    I started driving for Uber last week right before the SuperBowl and the only way I found I could do it was to go through Enterprise with the 210 a week cost. I have been on disability for several years and in order to survive in life I need income. On disability I only got 1117.00 a month so...
  15. Manny_2IS

    Full Time Driver?

    Hey guys, I'm considering about quitting my job so i can focus on school and do Uber/Lyft part time. However I was wondering what is the average driver making in Los Angeles / Orange Country during Monday - Thursday evenings?
  16. U

    Student with questions about Uber?

    Hi guys! I am a student journalist in Austin and fan of Uber. I was curious if anyone had ever had experiences where a passenger wanted you to deliver something on your ride, instead of the typical passenger pick up and drop off. I have heard people in and around my campus talk about this and...