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strip club

  1. Jen in Wisconsin

    Rural Pax

    On Saturday night, I received a ping from an outlying community. Usually I don't grab these, but we were in a little bit of a lull, so I decided to grab it. After a 15 minute drive to his destination, I find out that that he and his buddy want to go north to a little dinky town 25 minutes...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Man shot while leaving strip club

  3. Henrythemonkeyuberdriver

    good spot 2 wait 2 pickup ppl going 2stripclub?

    Any idea where a good area is to bring people to striplay clubs? I know the hours in Vegas would be like midnight to 3ish? But does anyone have a good spot they find ppl?
  4. SMH Uber

    Strip Clubs and Payolas

    Recently, I dropped off at Scores. It was the most sleazy transaction I have ever performed. A that is, getting the delivery fee for the "gentlemen" I dropped off. I got a receipt from the cashier than had to go around back to get the money. This is the same entrance as the workers. There was...
  5. Uber Steve LV

    Avoid Treasures strip club

    I heard from a fellow driver, and he has proof from his rider, that Treasures is giving free drink coupons if they say that they don't want to pay cover charge. This lowers your payout to $20 a person from $70. My friend lost out on $150. The riders text him what happened, and since they are...
  6. Andre06

    Picking up a Stripper

    Yesterday night I had the worst experience as an Uber driver. I got a request from a Strip Club and I accepted it. I drive at nights and I get requests from Strip Clubs. Generally I have nice conversations with the passengers and they are good tippers. This time there was a man, woman and a...
  7. AP92

    Strip Club Pass

    Anyone else talk to the sketch balled dude in Old Town / Mill AVE hands you a stack of "free" tickets to Elite and Dream Palace. And that the strip club will pay you $20 per passanger you take to the Club :D I will admit I have a small stack but never try to force passangers to go there. But...
  8. S

    Lyft driver driving a Tahoe

    There is a guy with a Tahoe driving around mostly by flamingo/Cromwell hotel snatching riders from other drivers.this guy is offering so called free ride and specially praying on strip club rides.had one of my buddies telling me this yersterday they were waiting for uber rise this guy...