street hails

  1. BurgerTiime

    WATCH: Uber Driver Confronted By Police After He Disrupts Sting Operation In a video posted on YouTube Monday, a man who describes himself as an LA-based Uber driver who was just busted in what has been branded on Reddit as an "unethical sting operation" disrupts the...
  2. SecretSquirrel

    Black Cabbies - are people still hailing you?

    Dear Black Cabbies on this forum, May I ask: How much percentage of your work do you get from the streets/ranks? Or rather, how much percentage from apps? It depends I suppose but roughly, more from streets or more from apps? Can a Black Cab survive without an app? I mean, is it possible to...
  3. Frank Underwood

    I am the new KONY!

    Ladies and gentleman, I am the new KONY! Sunday August 27th. 7 hours Lyft: 13 rides $300 (260 cashout) Cash tips: 20, 4, 5 (29) Street hails: 26, 14 ($40) Total in 8 hours of combined work: $329 I'm the new KONY and the new JayBx. #facts
  4. jimmy07

    Does any one know what fine for any voilation happens doing ubering in toronto

    After the regulation there are set of fines, demerit points for doing ubering Does any onw know or find the link What are fines doing what example : picking up cash fare will give u demerit points and what else Plz
  5. BurgerTiime

    Sting reveals limo drivers posing as Uber drivers to make quick cash