1. ariel5466

    Idle or drive?

    Hey, newbie driver here. This is my first week driving full-time, I have 79 rides between Uber and Lyft. When it's slower and you need to wait for a request, is it better to drive around or idle? I normally try to find the nearest, busiest place where I can park in the shade. If it's early...
  2. Maven

    Driving in Massachusetts (CORI)

    Capitol area drivers, Massachusetts residents, and others near the Massachusetts border may have dropoffs anywhere within Massachusetts if they pickup anywhere outside Massachusetts. Passing the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check is required before drivers are...
  3. A

    Seemingly clever way to get more airport rides

    I'm curious if anyone has tried this technique before. How well does it work? How many rides can you get? Also, are there other techniques out there for getting more airport rides?
  4. Greg Marce

    Uber / Lyft Strategies

    Newbie here. I have couple of quick strategy questions. I just drove for the first time in Ann Arbor last week. Is that even possible to make money driving non surges? Is anyone dong it? I realized after just 1 ride that it is not possible to make money driving non surges. Am I missing...
  5. A

    UberPool decreases overall pay

    What I gather, based on some basic math and adjusting for expenses, is that UberPool rides are less profitable than regular rides. What are your thoughts on this? The bonuses at the moment are helpful but once they are gone and basic rides apply, are we getting less profit in the end?
  6. RayR28

    Best Strategy? Washington DC

    Washington DC I live in DC and I'm looking to make about $2000 a month. I'm a teacher on summer vacation so I can drive anytime I want. What times/strategy would you veterans suggest< Driving a certain # of hours a day? Setting a dollar amount per day? Also just driving rush hour? I would...
  7. M

    Alright, seriously tf San Antonio?