1. SirNomad

    Keep the Change You Filthy Animal!

    Lady sends back food delivered to her as prank. She said some guys would send her UBEReats in the middle of the night as a prank. Apparently this happens often to her. She tipped me $25 to return the food to the guy who ordered it for her. So I sent her this. Best customer interaction by far.
  2. Mista T

    Alice in Uberland

    Once upon a time there was a young woman who believed in fairy tales named Alice. She had read a whopper of a tale, something about how the average Uber driver in NYC makes $90,000 per year, and how easy and fun it was to make “great money” during her free time. She doesn’t live in NYC, but her...
  3. C

    Threats from the shopkeeper - UBER EATS story

    I don't respond well to bullies - in that I don't let them bully me I tend to extract myself from the situation. Tonight, I was taken aback by the sheer rudeness of a shopkeeper I was taking TWO deliveries from. I've been there for deliveries before and he seemed okay - I was alway polite and...
  4. SHRPR

    Share your Stories

    Hey Everyone, We wanted to invite you to share your stories with us. Who doesn't like to share funny and interesting stories? Comment down below!
  5. Dangdriver

    Funny Guy - At Least He Thought So

    Had a pax this evening that set his destination for the local prison. Started the conversation saying he's been on the run for just too many years now. He said he wants to to turn himself in and face justice. He said it's just too hard always looking over your shoulder for a cop that might...
  6. route905


    route905 drivers!!!! There is a new sheriff in town! ~ I have made over $50 in tips $1k per month. !! I have a 9-5 job so... I could only go ONLINE after 5pm on weekdays.. so I make over $40.00 coin / day. (traffic is the best on the way to a pickup location) Fridays usually $150.00 ~200...
  7. LAboy

    UberEATS deactivated me for SPEED

    * your account is put on hold for abnormal speed, you must be using a vehicle * So finally Uber decided to deactivate me too for a stupid reason, i signed up for a bicycle account and use my motorcycle, its not my fault they only have bicycle and car mode. I called them they said they will...
  8. LAboy

    Canceled infront of a Customer, UberEATS

    So, last night i picked up two orders from a restaurants, i am on a motorcycle, when i am on the road there is no way to answer the phone, the second customer keeps on calling me and sending me rude texts, acting tough, i believe because he saw my profile pic i look like a young weak white boy...
  9. N

    Folklore and Legnd....dary LEGENDARY!

    Are there any stories in which you find to be rideshare folklore/legend? Lets here them weirder the better. I've heard of one that has been worth retelling, came from a pax who got it from his driver in NY. Unkown if true, but very plausible. The Driver had told my pax of a ride he had at 4...
  10. F

    funny AND sad story experienced as uber driver

    let's share stories while ubering ! 1- Funny picked up girl 35 years old valentine day last year !asked her if she got plan or any flowers lol she said No this all lies and not me ! ! i said me too ! than she start tell me she never able hold on boy friend ! told her I m same ...
  11. F

    Very Sad Story !

    Hey Sarah Today 5 pm Tyson corrner ! picked up Girl her name was Sarah! she is mid 30 ! with boyfriend or husband ! both white beautiful Sarah ! I feel bad for the live you in ! You should not accept man treat you like that ! i really feel bad you made Rent by the phone ! and paying for...
  12. Malaru

    Pulling the stickers off 2,000 trips later.

    (Part 1 of 2) My time as a 'full time Uber driver' is coming to an end soon as I start a new job on Tuesday; but I wanted to expand on having done this Uber driving thing. A smart, successful man once said “If you want a real education, finish a four-year degree then go drive a taxi for six...
  13. BMWUberSLC

    What The...? My First Riders in SLC

    Okay... So I set out this morning after watching the Rider App for awhile and seeing for over an hour that there were consistently 7 or 8 Select drivers within just a few miles of my location. I thought "well, this is my first day, so I'll just head out and see what happens". I needed to fuel...
  14. BurgerTiime

    My Uber driver is creeping me out

  15. RaleighUber

    Story: Two very different women

    First ride last night was a pick-up at a Starbucks. "J" comes running in the rain with two drinks in her hand (both with lids) and as she gets in says, "This is a hot chocolate for you. Figured you'd like something on a rainy night." Almost restored my faith in humanity. Near the end of the...
  16. was3DFW

    Humpty Dumpty had a few drinks.

    I picked up a passenger at one of those pool bars where bad music and cigarette smoke billow out the front door every time it opens. I spotted my passenger right away; he reminded me of a cross between Barney Gumble from The Simpsons and Humpty Dumpty. He was standing in the middle of the...
  17. B

    Low pay

    when will be uber increased the amount?
  18. The Valley Guy

    Waiting for PAX every time I'm arrive.

    Uber put on riders mind that we will wait for them. I know in their apps that we are coming in 1 min. Why don't they wait for us outside or wait inside their house and come out if we are there? One time I came there wait for two mins, call them and says "I'll be there in a minute. Then, they...
  19. ShawnsUber

    Fun with PAX

    So I find I like to have a little fun with PAX. Especially those who ask if I have a "Real Job". My spiel starts like this: No, my family is from old money. I started doing this as something to do to get out of the house more, then I realized I get a lot out of keeping 100 drinkers from...
  20. waitin4selfdrvcars

    NEVER work Monday nights

    Like this other dude mentioned, last night was bad, so damn slow. Started late but felt energized and positive about the night. First few costumers were cool and the driving was smooth, of course no traffic. I take this dude to NE near H St, I don't feel safe in that area but whatever. I get a...