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  1. spaghettibolognese1

    Bad experience's for female Uber drivers in Perth

    I'm looking to get in contact with some female Uber drivers who have had bad experience's with passengers in terms of harassment. I'm also curious about the all female ridesharing company Shebah and if female Uber drivers on here also work for them and can compare experiences. Please feel free...
  2. Mista T

    Do you need a dashcam?

    Do I really need a dashcam? Recently I acquired a new dashcam. I won’t complain about my old dashcam. I will simply say that having the proper features in a dashcam is Uber important. Yes, that was a play on words. As an older person in society, I have heard some really stupid stuff in my...
  3. Mista T

    Uber Driver stories: Part Four

    -------------> Ready for more entertainment? Missing wallet Saturday evening at drunk-thirty, picking up two of the city’s finest specimens. These two ‘gentlemen’ are in the back of my vehicle, and one of them is complaining about a bad experience at the bar. “Dude, lemme tell you about...
  4. PioneerXi

    The Paxhole That Wasn’t...Then Was

    It had not been, a great week. While driving last Friday morning, paramedics telephoned to advise of a medical emergency. The Matriarch was transported to trauma, with injuries of significance that...I needed to notify the scattered family. My Sister In Law from Tennessee, was first to arrive...
  5. PioneerXi

    Good Friday Confessional Box

    Bless me Father, for I have Anted. It has been....well, actually, I don't know how long it's been since I Anted. My Son, you sound troubled, tell me your story. It's Good Friday Father. Started the day at 5am as normal. Was driving towards the city when my first request came in from one...
  6. KC4EVR

    Just like "Jack Ass"....

    So, I am about a week into my adventures driving with UBER (over 2 years ago) I go to this brew-pub in the back of a warehouse in the industrial area of town (There really was a bar there too...) 5 young men in their early 20's come rushing up to my car obviously buzzed at the least...(I am 52...
  7. Mista T

    Driver stories: Part Three

    Driver stories: Part Three ---> Is it story time again? And the winner is… Pulled up to an event that was getting out. Clearly a heavy drinking event. About 30 people standing outside, chatting, milling about, waiting for rides. As I pull up, about a half dozen people simultaneously look...
  8. Jay Dean

    Why netflix doesn't do a series on Rideshare?

    Netflix is interesting as hell, they can make AMAZING content, and then pump out a whole lot of crap, sometimes I see some shows and movies that absolutely leave me in awe by netflix, then I see crap that leaves me wondering why the PA (production assistant) would even show up. Anyways, just...
  9. Mista T

    Driver stories: Part Two

    Ready for some more stories? Discrimination Picked up a drunk guy who gets in the car, looks at me and says “Great, a skinhead!” I happen to be a white male, and at the time my head was shaved. I chuckled and shook my head. He says (jokingly, but not) “You’re not gonna knife me, are you...
  10. Agalito

    Called A Fellow Ant for a Jump

    Tonight was a nightmare, my car battery died and would not start outside the theater. IT was 1Am and I ended up ordering an Uber instead of spending 75 for a tow truck to come jump me. When he arrived, I told him to cancel and gave him 25 dollars cash. Thank you my fellow Ant! You saved my...
  11. HPClays

    Does anyone kick passengers out on the curb any more?

    I'm losing faith in this forum's ability to entertain me. As I sit in a metal box, in the cold with an air conditioner blowing on my head (don't ask), I'm seeing this forum digress into the filth I can't read on other cities' boards. Does anyone have a funny story to tell about a chancla/shank...
  12. Mista T

    Uber Driver stories: Part One

    Ready for some stories? -> ---> -----> -------> ---------> -----------> -------------> Homeless girl About once every 6 months I end up with a homeless person in my car somehow. Recently my turn came up. I pulled into a mini-mart for a pickup, 2 young women get in the car. The one in...
  13. Dara khosrowshahi

    Positive vibes

    As we prepare for an IPO, we would like to spread positive vibes on the forums. Share a story about how Uber has made a positive impact on your life.
  14. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    Just got falsely accussed of driving impaired

    I woke up this morning to dual Uber complaints of driving impaired and being involved in a car accident. I contact Uber and tell them that no accident occurred and that I was not impaired at all as I don't do drugs and rarely drink. I go back to Uber who send me an incident report to fill out on...
  15. LAboy

    Seasalt Fish Grill, Culver city. Be aware !!

    This place treat delivery drivers like shit, i went there to pick up food twice, there is one hispnic lady that works there, she has the worst attitude ever really rude, she doesnt like her job, she called the cops on me, i went there once,i said its fine she is just having a bad, twice i let it...
  16. nick caronn

    I got BIT!...After 4 Years of Uber I have A LOT of crazy stories... Time for my tell all! :)

    This is the first of many in a series to share some of my Uber experience. Its been a wild 4 years, I hope you all enjoy, thanks!
  17. LAboy

    UBER flagged my account, CUSTOMERS LIE

    Uber sent me an email saying uncompleted deliveries, late drop off, customers complain about not going to the door hahah a bunch of BS, i was like WTF. I called them, i knew its a lie, people would lie and put incomplete delivery just so that they can get your fired, people in LA are mental ill...
  18. LAboy

    is POSTMATES more popluar than UberEATS ?

    I don't get it Uber has more downloads than PM, but it seems like POSTMATES is more popular and i don't like it. haha the reason i think so is because i see all these big social media influencers and celebrities use Postmates, they never talk about UberEATS, and before postmates deactivated me i...
  19. LAboy

    Girls hit on me, UberEATS weird

    I didnt wanna talk about this, but i thought maybe you guys had similar stories happened to you, please let me know below. So ever since i started doing UberEATS and Postmates i got like 4 girls numbers, one girl she asked me straight up for my number, she was ugly i told her no, probably she...
  20. Kurt Halfyard

    Anyone Caught in Anararchist Craziness Yesterday?

    Anyone have a ride going to or from Locke / Charlton Saturday evening? I'm curious to hear the stories of just what went down and the extent of it. https://www.cp24.com/news/shops-in-hamilton-damaged-after-masked-group-went-on-vandalism-spree-police-1.3827918