1. PortiSalt

    St. Louis Driver Needed

    Hi. Need a driver in St. Louis to do some rides. Please send me PM. Thank you!
  2. A

    I am new to Uber where is the best places

    Where is the best area to Uber at in St.Louis area during the day, during the weekends and weekday. I live in the Fallon/Lake St.Louis Area highway 40 side. Please help very nervous but excited.
  3. U

    Anyone in STL open to group communication through zello

    STL we need to organize and communicate with one another to help each other. I'm using this app called zello that will help us out in many ways. Download the app and look for uber st.Louis. it works . Just like the old Nextel push to talk. You can also use it as a group communication tool to...