1. E

    Passenger looking for regular driver for work commute

    I live in Edmond, work in Stillwater on Tues/Thurs afternoons. According to Lyft, I would pay about $45 each way. However, $90 round-trip would be steep for me. Perhaps, though, we can negotiate a rate as this would be a regular gig: every Tues/Thurs afternoon through the academic year. I...
  2. M

    Bedlam weekend.

    Just curious. Uber Veterans would it be worth it to start in Stillwater for possible rides to Norman Saturday morning?
  3. RachelD

    Rough Weekend

    Well, this was a rough weekend. I live in Stillwater, OK. It was homecoming weekend, which should've been one of the year's biggest, and it was. However, a woman ran into the parade killing 4 and injuring 40 more. Throughout the entire day Uber kept texting us its regular game day texts. Right...
  4. RachelD

    Weirdness this week in Uber communication

    NVM. I decided to not have this on here. It's Homecoming in Stillwater!