1. Initial D

    Do some Caviar customers sometimes stiff couriers on tips?

    After I have stopped doing UberEats trips for more than a year now, I recently signed up for Caviar for an extra income & give it a chance to test out how the experience may turn out. So far I have had positive experiences, but I have taken two screenshots where I accepted a trip with base...
  2. GruveRecords

    Story from today: Yelled at for interrupting halftime show

    This was a good one... Was on my merry way to drop off some Sushi to some Rich Fatso's crib. While waiting to get into his gated community, guard tried calling him 3 times. He answers on the 3rd ring and I overhear "JUST LET HIM IN" CLICK..Could tell he was in a pleasant mood. Upon arrival...
  3. B

    Cancellation after 5 minutes - paid ZERO

    I had a cancellation last night where I made sure I waited over five minutes for the passenger and I texted them twice so I have a time history but Uber insists not to pay me my $3.75 Has anyone else run into this stonewalling? I have a feeling that Uber probably nailed the passenger for...
  4. WeirdBob

    Ashton Kutcher discourages tips on Jimmy Kimmel