1. MoneyBeard

    Uber/Lyft Analytics

    Good morning! I've been kicking around an idea to add value for Uber/Lyft drivers by providing incite into advanced analytics and statistics of their driving habits and marketplace. The quick version of this back story; my thesis for my grad program in statistics/economics was based in analysis...
  2. Zap

    Chicago starts 2017 with a bang... bang... bang

    It's safer to drive in Iraq than it is in Chicago... Seems Chicago NYE was a shooting gallery. 3 Killed, 27 Wounded As Chicago Opens 2017 With A String Of Murders
  3. Libertyfare

    WTH happened to not letting PAX rate during a Surge?

    I tend to only drive during times that usually have a surge so my rating suffer greatly. If you don't do a whole lot of volume to adjust for just one 4 star rating your weekly rating suffered a major hit. I am extremely frustrated by this BS.