1. Ubergurl18

    Can You DRIVE in OTHER Cities/States?

    If I'm a driver in Atlanta and I'm planning on being in North Carolina for a few days... does anyone know if I will be able to "go online" and drive while I'm out there?
  2. Twocrunk4u

    DFW to Oklahoma

    If I take a rider from Texas to Oklahoma can I pick up customers in Oklahoma where Uber is available? I've been able to sign on in Oklahoma City being a driver in Texas only. I didn't do any pick ups or get a request when I was signed in for only a few moments. I have heard of drivers taking...
  3. tequilajade

    Multiple service areas?

    Once this obnoxious approval process is over, can I drive out of multiple areas/states? or is it only my home state/area? I live in New Hampshire, I travel all over New England, and really the whole country frequently. If I'm in Austin, can I pick up pax in Austin? Or Seattle? or??? or do...
  4. jerost

    What states can Lyft Boston drive in?

    I'm a Lyft Boston driver. Please remind me what states I'm authorized to pick up in. I think NH and RI are included. What about CT? Thanks.