state farm

  1. W

    State Farm Rideshare endorsement

    Hey ya'll, does anyone currently have a State Farm Rideshare endorsement? if so, how much more per month is it than your regular policy? Thanks for the info and be safe. I'm on my 3rd day of driving.....
  2. BAKAD

    State Farm - Rideshare Insurance

    Uber is sending out emails letting us know State Farm is offering rideshare insurance. They offer it to part-time drivers that put on low milage. That's the catch, the amount of miles you drive. I have been a State Farm customer for 20 years and I called. When I told them the miles I was...
  3. M

    I want to drive for Uber. Need Advice. INSURANCE Issue

    Hi. First post here. I work full time, make decent money, have a family at home but looking to make some extra cash on some days off from my full time job. I have been wanting to drive for UBER for a while now. I have decided to go ahead but hit a massive roadblock. I starting going through...
  4. U

    State Farm threatens to cancel policy due to Uber

    My insurance company (State Farm) called Friday and left me a nasty message saying that if I countine to drive for Uber then they will cancel my policy, well I guess it's time to find another insurance company since State Farm will be canceling my policy, my question is how the heck did State...
  5. UberIowa15

    Iowa auto insurance for UberX drivers?

    A previous thread was created Aug. 31 about potential issues with insurance for Iowa UberX drivers. No one responded, so I thought I would ask a similar question. I'm a relatively new Uber driver (I started in Aug., so I didn't suffer the 30% fare decrease, and for now I'm only driving part-time...