1. E

    Help... Just starting

    What does the message mean "We'll let you know when you can take trips" I have all green checks on my documents
  2. Agentdi

    I just signed with Uber. Newbie!

    Hi all, I was reading this forum for quite a while and decided to sign up to try Uber part time. I do have a full time job and pay is ok 70+k But recently started having financial difficulties. Also, want to save some extra money. So I need something on the side to support the family. I live in...
  3. Verdigo998

    Start up costs

    Does anyone remember what their start up costs were? I'm trying to give my little brother a better understanding of what it costs to do this. Also weekly costs would be great. I'm trying to give him a broad range so that he had all the info he can get. Thanks in advance. :-D