start up

  1. Lissetti

    Tryp Rideshare

    So I already have a thread about Tryp on the Seattle board, and since this is also one of my boards , I'll post here too. I'll just copy and paste from the Seattle board : I work very closely behind the scenes on the Articles section. Your opinions on the startup Tryp is welcome If you feel you...
  2. KingEsmo

    Why I drive? Any

    Only 2 months in and still love the extra income. I drive a Kia Forte which is really good on gas. I know the back streets of Atlanta so I prefer the shorter trips vs long trips. My main reason I drive is to finally jump off the ledge with my virtual reality business plan garuanteed to change...
  3. K

    Start up

    Just starting up and I just want to make sure I'm not setting myself up for failure. Any advice is much appreciated. :) I am cleared to be a driver... Do I need to apply for a GE License? If yes, how do I do it in Hawaii? Do I need to put the sticker on my dash? If yes, how do I get one? Is...
  4. Nyx

    Start Up - PDX & (possibly) Seattle

    [Deepest apologies if this conversation has been started and updated elsewhere, I looked but didn't find.] I'm currently driving for Uber, and occasionally Lyft, in Anchorage; and while the pickings are slim, I'm managing to get by. I'm looking to return to the lower-48 and looking at...