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  1. prop

    How to get 5 Stars...... as a passenger

    About a month or so ago, one of the rider members here posted a massive list of things drivers need to do to get 5 stars (about half of which us drivers seemed to very much disagree with!) so after my morning this morning, I figure its time us drivers let the pax know how we rate them with a...
  2. M

    Why do riders expect so much for a $3.75 fare?

    They will give 1 star for a 2 block ride? My car is clean and I'm polite at all times, so what is going on?
  3. Driv'nMsDaisy

    Badges & Ratings Q

    I am curious... Are the badges taking place of PAX giving us Stars? Anyone know what the process really is? Also, when you do Instant Pay does it not update your star rating or does that only happen when you are paid out weekly? I have noticed that when I leave about $30 in my account it...
  4. JoeyA

    One star situations

    I know there will be obvious situations where the PAX deserves 1 star and nothing more. Like when the drunk PAX grabbed my phone out of my hand to look at it and thought it was funny. I also gave 1 star when I showed up and I find 4 under 18 teenagers that want to get in. I gave them 1 star...
  5. Rgar


    i am so disgusted with the ratings system. I take pride in providing my riders with a safe and enjoyable experience when they ride with me. I am polite, courteous and friendly. I have completed well over 100 rides and yet to often get less than five stars. My current rating is 4.77. I just don't...
  6. #1 UBER Slave

    No Tip = 1 Star

    I've decided that any passenger who doesn't give me a tip when I'm providing the following: Water Sanitary Wipes Gum Mints Cologne Perfume No tip = 1 Star (and I love doing this to 5 star rated customers)
  7. Y

    Rating System SUCKS

    Who agree that Uber Rating System is FAR from being accurate and fair. As Uber Select Driver we have to maintain a 4.7 rating . Many Riders rate carelessly, or think 4 stars is great, while if most rate 4 stars you would be deactivated in no times. The biggest issue with the rating system is...
  8. Jersey Shore Gal

    When a Pax deserves 5 Stars...

    We all know and agreed to the "no tipping required" policy when we signed up. Some passengers still do leave a tip. We appreciate that: it is a distinguishing best behavior that should earn 5 stars. 4 stars is still a decent rating. You go to a 4 star hotel and feel it is better than most...
  9. john welling


    hello all i'm new to uber driving and i noticed that if i ignore (don't accept) a trip request and let the timer run out that i lose .10 of a star in my rating, is this true? has this happened to anyone else?
  10. uberjulio

    Cons of uber driving

    An ineffective rating system Customers rate a driver 1 to 5 stars, and unfortunately for drivers, a 4 star average is failing and being terminated.
  11. MikesUber

    Ride Immediately Ends When Swipe "Begin Trip"?

    Hello UberPeople, So this has happened twice out of 200 rides and really created headaches for myself and the passenger. My passenger gets in the car, I confirm their name and I go to swipe "Begin Trip". After swiping, the app immediately goes to the Stars screen to rate the passenger...
  12. UberMeansSuper

    My Personal Ratings Rubric

    I'm only 6 months into this Uber ordeal, and I also know Team Travis could give a flying rat about what pax ratings are (but God forbid we 4.6, or else, banhammer!). Still, I think rating the pax is a benefit to fellow drivers (except the noobs - they'll accept Hitler if it means keeping their...
  13. tatercakes

    Just started last night... I already have concerns and complaints

    So I did a bit of a short run last night to see how driving for uber may or may not work for me. Three trips. Two less than 4 miles, one little less than 20. Suddenly I have a three star rating and no clue what I did to warrent it. I get the feeling that the star rating is abused. First...