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star rating

  1. rubbermeetstheroad

    Star ratings

    How much time do riders have to rate a driver in Las Vegas, is it the same amount of time all over? Thanks in advance.
  2. jbk416

    Just A Quick Question......

    I completed 15 trips last week all rides went smooth.....I received tips and/or 5 stars from almost all 15 trips.....Yesterday I receive a message from Uber (week later) that someone complained about the speed I was driving and felt unsafe..... I didnt get any rating changes at all its still...
  3. S

    Star rating.

    Hi guys, I started uber recently and finished my first week, so far did 50 trips and 644 doller. Thanks for valuable guidance and I learnt lot from your blogs. My star rating in 4.5. That's make me worry now. Recently I was driving on sunnyholt road I got ping and within 3 minutes rider...
  4. Certain Judgment

    Lyft Manipulating Ratings?

    In my 11 months of 70 hour per week driving, my rating out to the second decimal point has fluctuated between a 4.78 and a 4.97, depending on the passive aggressive level of my pax. This summer, with the effective end of PDB and the addition of prime-time-triggering summer festivals, I have...
  5. prop

    How to get 5 Stars...... as a passenger

    About a month or so ago, one of the rider members here posted a massive list of things drivers need to do to get 5 stars (about half of which us drivers seemed to very much disagree with!) so after my morning this morning, I figure its time us drivers let the pax know how we rate them with a...
  6. N

    Have you 1 stared a repeat customer that tips?

    Have you ever 1 or 2 stared a tipping customer because they're that bad? I have, here's mine (sorry its long): Last winter I had this same customer twice each time she tipped me $10. She is a 60 some thing year old 'single' woman First ride: Drove 5 miles to pick her and her man up from the...
  7. KellyC

    Some @$$hole gave me 3 stars!!

    I'm seriously mad as hell, lol. Wish I knew who did it.
  8. R

    Want to increase your pay? Idea to enforce tipping.

    Getting 5 stars as an Uber RIDER is quite simple. Get in. Shut up. Don't puke/pee. Get out. 5 Stars. Getting 5 stars as an Uber Driver is more complicated. Keep your car clean and smelling fresh even though last night someone puked/peed in it. Show up at the right location at the right time...
  9. financeguy13

    News Article - How I Raised My Uber Rating

    I think that as drivers we often forget how powerful it is to rate passengers. As this article explains, most think they are 5.0 passengers. Of course, because it's natural to think you are perfect. She does a great job of explaining why she had a 4.4 and then what she did to get it up to 4.8...
  10. Edman

    Giving low rating stars to passenger-Could it affect your ratings, due to retaliation?

    Could the passengers see which drivers gave them low rating stars? I'm trying to avoid retaliation here. But they do deserve 3 stars.
  11. Phasmatrope

    Is it worth it to question/clarify negative Feedback?

    Hey guys, question here about the feedback. So although my day-to-day interactions with the pax is overwhelmingly good, needless to say, some pax can be quite passive-aggressive, rating you negatively afterwards for things that, if they'd brought up at the time, you could've done something...
  12. Khush

    Bad UBER passengers who give Drivers bad Star ratings

    I have a typical example yesterday where I got a 1 Star..(My life long rating is 4.83. Since Uber started UberPOOL in Miami its nothing but a pain I can quote several examples of issues with UberPool. This call last night for Pool request, we are supposed to wait 2 exact minutes for rider to...
  13. JerseyBoy911

    1.0 Star Rating

    So morristown was a bust last night. Surge came and went in a blink of an eye, Hoboken and JC weren't surging much as it usually should...so much for the Uber Text about surging... :rolleyes: So anyway, after the surge went, I kept my app on...I get a ping..for "Edmund 1.0 *" I was tempted to...
  14. Zao

    Customers Cannot Give You 5 Stars!

    I was thinking there was some mistake with my feedback, because I was told repeatedly by riders of their satisfaction, though would see my rating stay approximately the same, fluctuating here and there, week after week. Plus I didn't have any nasty or grouchy riders (you know the type). Today I...
  15. UberLaLa

    ~ Best Way to Motivate Uber to Add Tip Function ~

    DRIVE FOR LYFT. If you have not yet signed up for Lyft as a Driver – DO SO. If every Uber driver also becomes a Lyft Driver and turns on the Lyft App every time they turn on the Uber App, it WILL put a dent in Uber’s profits, and reward a company that is providing something we want/need -...
  16. DieselkW

    What lies do you tell PAX?

    Not every time, but if the rating system comes up in conversation, I tell them on the "driver app", we can see the star rating from each passenger so we can better know what might have gone wrong and work towards improving the experience. Since we get deactivated for 4.6* average, but passengers...