star matching system

  1. UberMeansSuper

    My Personal Ratings Rubric

    I'm only 6 months into this Uber ordeal, and I also know Team Travis could give a flying rat about what pax ratings are (but God forbid we 4.6, or else, banhammer!). Still, I think rating the pax is a benefit to fellow drivers (except the noobs - they'll accept Hitler if it means keeping their...
  2. sk MM

    Does rating hurts for getting new rides or too many drivers?

    Hi, does anyone knows - is there any connection between rating and new rides? I used to get lot of rides in last couple of months, with rating is around 4.8 to 4.95. Did couple of late night and downtown driving and my rating dropped to 4.71. I am very close to finish my 500 ride in about 2...