standard mileage rate

  1. S

    Which OTHER miles can be deducted under standard mileage rate?

    I plan to use the standard mileage rate this year. My understanding is anytime the app is on and I am online and I am accepting rides (even in destination mode) I can count those miles towards SMR deduction. My question is can I count any other miles with the app off ever, that relate to...
  2. parttimechauffeur

    Standard Mileage Deduction and Taxes/Licenses Filing Question

    Hi guys, First-time member and tax-filer and part-time driver here. I did not receive a 1099-K and I understand how to file the 1099-MISC. I am filing via TurboTax. I have a question regarding filing mileage. Since I did not log my mileage at all, I can just put the "Online Miles" from the...
  3. UberTaxPro

    Cash hiding inside the standard mileage deduction?

    Most people think that if you've taken the SMD you've taken all your deductions and there is nothing else to think about. Wrong. You might miss a large deduction when you sell the vehicle. The SMD has a built in depreciation amount. For 2016 it is .24 cents a mile. For 2017 it's .25 cents a...
  4. itsbenbroughton

    Can (or should) I claim mileage with no fares?

    Hi all, I've been using Uber destinations with pretty good success. I live in San Jose, but work right outside of the Oakland airport, so I often get riders going to the AP, and my 40 mile commute pays me. If I go online and set my destination, and drive my route with no fares, can, or should...
  5. A

    Turbo Tax: Business vs Actual expenses

    Greetings! As drivers, if we choose to use the "Standard Mileage Rate" as the form of deduction. Are we able to write off our "Business Expenses" (I don't mean Actual Expenses). Business Expenses would include gas, cell phone bill, Lyft commission and repairs? I only ask because I chose the...