1. Jayjay9317

    JayJay: Creepy or not?

    Dear, Wendy's lady. When i got to your house, you were wating and looking if i come for you. You are so cute and polite, I almost fell in love. You requested poop and your trip is only 3.75. I was so happy to take you to At your work, Wendy's. I went to your work for some food and to see you...
  2. UberAnt39

    Isn’t it weird

    when posts get deleted, but no-one tells you why, or even that they did it. That’s some weird stalker shit that.
  3. dirtylee

    Rider app saves License plates

    Why can riders be able to look up the license plates of every driver they have ridden/requested??? This is beyond ridiculous given the fact some pax are creeps & criminals.
  4. Gilbert_Aus

    Still safe to visit Brisbane Partner Centre?

    I attended the Uber Partner Sausage sizzle last week at the Fortitude Valley office. However on entry I noticed a suspicious man taking photos of EVERYONE who entered and left. He even slapped a car with his hands as it entered the driveway. He was on loud speaker passing on vehicle details to...