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  1. UberBostonian79

    Logan lot on the move...again.....

    So it appears starting Tuesday morning December 11th the Logan AppRide/TNC lot is moving again to 226 Porter Street. Umm ok....we just expanded where we are now. Why are we moving again. And can anyone share exactly where this is? I did a Google map to the address and it put me in front of a...
  2. ub3r1can

    Staging Lot at MIA Airport- OPEN

    Staging Lot at MIA Airport- OPEN
  3. N

    ORD Chicago, big waste of time!

    i decided to stay and stage at the airport at 9:30 tonight... awful. Big waste of time. I make way more in the city. Traffic blows but the demand is way higher working the city. I don't know how people wait hours everyday at airports. Eh, just my advice to fellow Chicagoans.
  4. JPeckSTL

    New To Uber - Staging Tips/Places?

    Hello, I just had my first Uber driver experience last night. And I think I broke an unwritten tip about driving around for fares last night. I was not chasing surges, but just driving around what I thought were "hot spots." I should have stayed put and waited for fares, but I am one of those...
  5. dlackey73

    Newbie here - just a couple of thoughts

    So, I started driving for Uber about 3 weeks ago and Lyft about a 1 week ago. It seems that I get paid more per trip with Lyft but getting those trips may mean I sit for 20 - 30 minutes with my Uber app off before I get a ping from Lyft. And there seem to be TOOOOOOONS of Lyft drivers when I...
  6. Uber Brazil/USA

    MIA staging lot?

    Is there a staging lot for MIA like FLL or just FIFO zone. If not, where do u guys wait?, What about PBI? Thanks!
  7. tipster98122

    Screw the queue!

    It's time to Screw The Queue and bypass that lot. If there were no drivers wasting time in that staging lot, pax would get frustrated from waiting and revert back to the old way of dropping their pin outside of the airport and we could dash in and pick them up like before. Take off your...
  8. C

    Staging ON THE STRIP

    Has anyone found any good places to stage on the strip?