staging area

  1. Maxmmuber

    Invisible Surge?

    This is the second time this happens to me, i see no surge on the map even after refreshing and updating app, and while at the staging lot i decide to turn my app on, and instantly get a ping for a 2.0 surge at LAX. Is FUBER purposely doing this, wasnt a bad ride, LAX to Santa Clarita on a 2.0.
  2. JPeckSTL

    New To Uber - Staging Tips/Places?

    Hello, I just had my first Uber driver experience last night. And I think I broke an unwritten tip about driving around for fares last night. I was not chasing surges, but just driving around what I thought were "hot spots." I should have stayed put and waited for fares, but I am one of those...
  3. tipster98122

    For you XL drivers at the Pier 91 cruise ship terminal...

    All of us X and XL drivers have a very good thing at the Pier 91 cruise ship terminal. Neither of us has to wait in a queue, like the taxis currently do, to drive up the pickup zones. And neither of us has to wait in a staging lot like at the airport. We can just zoom in to the pickup zone...
  4. PapaDug

    Trash left at SMF

    Drivers at Sacramento Airport, how using the hikers motto of "Pack it in, Pack it out" for your leftover food, drink and general trash instead of throwing it alongside the road at the designated staging area for SMF pickup. I took this picture today and this is only part of it. I intend to...
  5. Mike.D

    Help with lax pickups!!

    Please help! I haven't received an LAX terminal request in months and I'm in the staging lot approx 7-10 times a week. I get in queue wait the time and only get request at surrounding area (hotels and etc) I haven't picked up at terminals for months now. I've done all the usual resets, bluetooth...
  6. UberReallySucks

    Guess who got a ticket today?

    All Uber logo dis-players at harbor Island.... One by one :) I was parked side by side with some of them .... cop didn't even look in my direction since I do not display the toilet seat logos...