stacked ping

  1. Kurt Halfyard

    Did LYFT up their STACKED RIDE lever in GTA?

    Saturday and Sunday this weekend had a lot of 'stacked queued' rides on LYFT. (Although Friday was just as busy, not I did not experience any of this stacking.) Like METRO3 , I dislike LYFT's stacking of rides because it 'automatically accepts' them. I cannot see either PAX RATING or PICK-UP...
  2. Androidcoder

    McDonald's blind ping avoidance: turn off availability vs risk having to cancel pickup

    Since McDonald's got in the act I've often had to turn off my availability before completing a run to avoid 'blind' pings, those that don't show the pickup location and say '1 minute away' (actually the time to the current drop). I expect I'm missing some pickup requests I would have wanted, but...
  3. Rakos

    No address with stacked ping

    Ok...on my way to drop a pax... Get a notification for stacked ping... Looked it over pretty good and nothing... Took it and found out it went back... Directly opposite of where I came from.. Butt...only after I dropped the first pax... Anyone else notice this...?