st. patrick's day

  1. BurgerTiime

    Dispite agencies urging party goers to use options like Uber, DWI arrests doubled BUSTED! STATE PATROL ARRESTS 424 OVER ST. PATRICK'S WEEKEND The patrol says that from Friday evening through early Monday, 424 motorists were arrested for driving under the...
  2. Marco Solo

    What to expect on St. Patrick's Day weekend?

    Uber and Lyft are notifying me that demand is expected to be high this weekend. In your experience, is St. Patrick's Day a high-ping day? I hate to deal with drunks on Crap Hill, so on weekends I only work the drives *to* the bars and forego pickups at closing. Is that strategy likely to result...
  3. DrinkSoda

    St. Pats

    It’s the first day/weekend of the year when you see a lot of red on the app and hopefully collect that green. Or a pot of gold. It’s also a day that carries a lot of risk. Demand will be high. Money might be good. But there might be that one guy that starts drinking at 8am or earlier and...
  4. UberBeamer

    ATX Driver Chat (March 2018)

    Continuing our trend from February, this thread shall be an open discussion about anything for the month of March. Feel free to join in! Spring is in the air and March 2018 promises many opportunities for rideshare drivers in Austin. March highlights include: Kite Fest (Zilker Park) 3/4 SXSW...
  5. D

    St. Patrick's Day Parades--any advice?

    Any advice on how to make the most out of the St. Patrick's Day parades happening this month? For instance, what's a good time to show up in the town?
  6. PTUber

    St. Patricks Day

    Any advice on driving this Thursday for St. Patty's Day?
  7. UberXslave1225

    Saint Patty's Day

    Do you think St. Patty's Day will bring massive surges again this year? I remember last year hearing about massive surges (I was not a driver back then). Will this one day be worth driving all day long or will the rate cuts make ita waste of time? Will it be slow becauseit is a Thursday and...
  8. John Highway

    Email: Demand Alert: St. Patrick's Day

    Super Demand for St. Patrick’s Day Demand will be higher than average this weekend, with many riders out celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Expect to stay busy during both daytime and evening hours on Saturday and Sunday. And with the luck of the Irish in the air, you could win your own pot of...