st louis

  1. T

    I Miss Boosted Trips

    I tried Uber Eats 4 times back in April and it went really well. Was getting about $8 per trip, 2 Trips an hour, and after the price of gas I was still making about $11 per hour. So I took some time away to figure out my exit plan for my previous job, and started back on Uber Eats within the...
  2. LosAngelesUberDriver

    Full-Time Weekly Earnings Potential

    Hi all! I have been driving for Uber for two years full-time in Los Angeles e.g., based out of West L.A./LAX and driving as far south as Disneyland and as far north as Lancaster/Palmdale. My regular earnings (minus tips) were $100.00-$150.00/day. This is based on a 12-hour day and having gotten...
  3. StraightoutofCottleville

    Fake Uber driver in St Louis

    This was reported on KMOV
  4. StraightoutofCottleville

    Uber has a tip limit? That's news to drivers

    Another reason to love ❤️ Uber
  5. Tino1224

    St. Louis

    Anyone know if they’re accepting new drivers or how long the wait list in St. Louis? Thanks
  6. StraightoutofCottleville

    St Louis Market treated like Ugly Stepchild once again! Why is the Uber beacon not available here in the Lou? Did somebody s**t in someone’s oatmeal? I’m tired of feeling like Uber’s red-headed freckle-faced buck-toothed ugly stepchild!
  7. katie lynn

    Safety Concerns (As a Newbie)

    Hello Everyone, I'm considering starting driving for Uber/ Lyft, but I have some concerns and I was hoping for some insight. I'm concerned about safety (especially as a young female without any experience.) How often/ do you come across any violent customers? If so, how do you handle them? Or...
  8. StraightoutofCottleville

    Airport flip flop - aka ‘‘tis better to Uber/Lyft than only one or the other”

    This is so true, and so sad for the unfortunate souls logging into only one app at a time.
  9. J

    Lyft Driver Ambassadors

    Who has signed up to be a Driver Ambassador?
  10. JPeckSTL

    New To Uber - Staging Tips/Places?

    Hello, I just had my first Uber driver experience last night. And I think I broke an unwritten tip about driving around for fares last night. I was not chasing surges, but just driving around what I thought were "hot spots." I should have stayed put and waited for fares, but I am one of those...
  11. lonbliss

    St Louis Air Port

    I had two request to pick up at the St Louis Air port (that I immediately declined) I get the ping and hit the pick up passenger button. The passenger then calls me and tells me they are at the Air Port. I nicly tell them that UBER X does not pick up at the airport but UBER BLACK does. I...
  12. P

    All Day Driver St Lousi Area

    G’day My daughter is coming over to Missouri (from Australia) in January and is after a driver to take her around to the malls. Preferably on Saturday the 9th Jan or Sunday the 10th Jan. She is wanting a driver for a full day. She is staying on St Peters and wants to go to the St Louis...
  13. Galen Uber Alles

    What car do you drive?

    St Louis drivers, what make/model car do you drive for uberX?
  14. U

    How was business last night?

    Hey guys and gals, so how did you do last night? I only had 6 measly trips last night from 10pm to 1am....
  15. RamzFanz

    Saint Louis Airport Trap?

    I had a person, Dan, drop a pin right off the airport but on that side of the intestate. I texted him "Are you at the Airport?"..."Dan?" reply. I call, no answer. I have no idea if this was a pax who was trying to evade the rule, if they weren't but got a call and couldn't answer me, or a...
  16. RamzFanz

    Saint Louis MO opened this morning - Uber X

    No airport pickups, not sure about drop offs. All of Saint Louis County.
  17. RamzFanz

    Saint Louis MO open as of this morning.

    No airport pickups. Not sure about drops.