st. louis

  1. earlybird

    Lyft Parking Lot at Scottrade Arena

    Can someone tell me exactly where the designated parking lot for Lyft drivers at Scottrade Arena is? I haven't been able to find it. Also, is it just for Blues Hockey games, or for all events at Scottrade? Thanks
  2. A


    Anyone ever get riders over on the IL side of the bridge? I live in Alton, and I'm kind of curious to see if anyone actually had any luck.
  3. UberGuy77

    St. Louis Mardi Gras

    I started driving last November, so this will be my first experience driving during Mardi gras this coming Saturday. Any tips? Are there going to be specified Uber staging areas marked with Uber flags/banners/tents where people can wait for rides? Can anyone attest to the surge pricing in years...
  4. Scooterb

    St. Charles County

    When I go online with Uber drive and open Uber and it doesn't show any uber drivers even though I'm right there. Is it up and running in St. Charles? Right here in my neighborhood are the headquarters for CitiCorp and MasterCard along with a handful of hotels and restaurants. See my pic. Both...
  5. helloitzme

    Best Busch Stadium Pickup spot

    Hi - I'm a newbie and have been working the Cardinals games both dropping off and after games. The cabs seem to have the best pickup spot (taxi lane) on Broadway. Is there an ideal spot to instruct pax to be for easy pickup? I've been using Clark and 8th, but the traffic is maddening. Doubling...
  6. R

    What is needed to start driving in the Metro East

    I understand there are too many drivers. Don't worry, I only intend to drive here temporarily. That being said, I began my uber application in the Chicago area. As a result, I began receiving e-mails detailing the requirements for driving in Chicago. This includes getting a city Uber sticker...