1. Laura Allison

    Is anyone using a Square reader for cashless tips?

    I know the beef from Uber & some riders about the enjoyment of the cashless experience. Has anyone used a cashless platform so that riders can tip? I'm considering the following and would like your feedback. (1). Square reader-tap & go (2). Square Slider-slide the card (3). PayPal (4). Venmo...
  2. Brissy247

    Tipping with Square?

    Hey all, Is anyone using square readers to except cashless tips. I understand australian culture and most people don't tip but I think this is a cool secure option if riders want to offer a tip.
  3. P

    Looking for an Tipping app that uses square hardware.

    I have tried exploring Vugo and Tripcam which generally have good user interfaces and the tipping process (which is all I am interested in) is relatively simple. Tripcam's app is not compatible with square and you have to buy their hardware Vugo requires the use of a paypal account and that is...
  4. #1 UBER Slave

    Tip Jar or Tip Box WORKS!!!!

    I personally use one and told a colleague of mine to use one, and they are now getting $30 minimum in tips per night. I am averaging $40 per night because I have a SQUARE account. Drivers, the pax have no problem tipping you, when you ask. I tell every pax, WE can now accept tips via cash or...
  5. #1 UBER Slave

    Tip Jar Works!!!!

    I bought a tip box on eBay for $17 and used it tonight. I told each pax that tips are not required but if they wanted to use their cc, I could use my SQUARE account or if they wanted to pay cash, the box was there. I drove about 4 hours and made $55 in tips alone. It works!!!! All but 2 pax...
  6. #1 UBER Slave


    Sooo, I created a SQUARE account and received 2 card readers (I requested 2 because they wear out fast). Now I tell customers right before the ride ends, "There's been some confusion, so I just wanted to let you know that we now have a way to tip your driver, if you want!". If they say...
  7. txtim1982

    Other Professional Tip Solicitation Ideas

    These window stickers have now existed in my car for a few weeks, and have had moderate success. Now that we cannot be deactivated for soliciting tips, what is everyone doing to remain classy and professional while soliciting tips? I created this from Vistaprint, got 3 stickers for $15. I...
  8. FUberman

    Travis Kalanick ruined tips for drivers

  9. MrsUberJax

    Deadline for Credit Card Processing is here....

    Hello friends: I reported recently on the change in policy regarding credit card processing. Effective immediately, fraudulent charges processed by a retailer (or us) are no longer the responsibility of the bank... if a pax pays you with a credit card, and that credit card is stolen, YOU are...