1. Mista T

    Coming to Eugene

    Sept 6th, Thursday https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://articles.oregonlive.com/commuting/index.ssf/2018/08/uber_will_return_to_eugene-spr.amp&ved=2ahUKEwiHoPfFhZndAhX6HjQIHfjDBjMQqUMwA3oECAcQEA&usg=AOvVaw0eXTwb-PLieKbImP6SS8CS&ampcf=1e
  2. pizza guy

    What could Springfield do to help us?

    I'm meeting with a State Representative to advocate on our behalf. As a suburban driver I am concerned about how a city of 2.8 million dictates the regulations of an area with 10 million. As many of you know I helped organize a group of drivers with mixed success. I am sort of proud of the...
  3. Retired Senior

    UBER - as seen in the NEW YORK TIMES and other N.E. USA newspapers

    Good Morning... (Good God! It is 5:AM Sunday... decades ago I would be going to sleep about now... These days I am just waking up and squinting at the PC while sucking down some "Wake Me Up" tea.) It has become obvious to me over the last 3 months that the UBER experience on the West Coast, as...
  4. J

    western mass rates back up

    uber has admitted lowering rates in western mass didn't work so they are back up to .90 per mile. i then checked out springfield area and they were on a 3.7 surge at the end of rush hour. might be time to head back there
  5. L

    Looking to start driving in Champaign or Springfield

    Hello everyone - I live near Decatur and am interested in becoming an Uber driver and have a few questions: Between Champaign, Springfield, and Peoria, is one city better than the others in terms of income opportunity, best passengers, and/or consistent work? Can one float from city to city...
  6. Hstrynrd

    yellow cab

    anyone have a negative encounter with any yellow cab drivers? I was verbally assaulted last night picking up a rider. Guy stepped partially in front of my car and was accosting the riders for calling an uber, when the taxis were lined up in front of the curve. And then he started aggressively...
  7. Hstrynrd

    What would you say were your average amount of rides given per week?

    Mine is usually around 20.