spring training

  1. Jdemonto

    Cubs vs reds this weekend in Vegas?

    wtf is this? Why are they playing in Las Vegas?
  2. Jdemonto

    Slow week:Spring training 03/19

    Anyone feel a slowdown at spring training games this week? My Monday was great, Tuesday was piss poor and Wednesday was average at best. But a total fail for spring training. My guess is all the spring breakers are gone. Let's hope today through the weekend is red hot!
  3. Jdemonto

    Spring Training ride surge

    Man, I had the best non holiday Wednesday ever! All business people on XL, I made more working less hours than I made last Friday night! Tons of great airport runs and sky harbor was just packed most of the day! I hope I can repeat this tonight Pro Tip: There's a convention downtown 3000...
  4. Tequila Jake

    Cactus League Spring Training

    This will be my first season of driving during Spring Training and wonder if any of the more experienced drivers can offer advice on how best to make money. (I know somebody is going to say turn off the app and stay home but that's not particularly useful). I think one of my key questions is...