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  1. WestSydGuy

    playlist for 11 types of customer

    Some good playlists to try out. Does anyone have playlists for different times/days/customers? https://mashable.com/2018/02/27/uber-driver-spotify-playlist/#khFKuaoZ5aqI I need some google play playlists if anyone has some.
  2. A.Nguyen

    Need some new driving tunes!

    Hi everyone, I just started driving for Uber and Lyft in LA and have quickly listened to all of my Spotify playlists to death! Does anyone have any suggestions for new music, artists, playlists (preferably some that get updated and changed often)? I like any and all music! :) Thanks guys!
  3. BurgerTiime

    Spotify considered ending Uber partnership amid mounting scandals

    http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/16/14938014/spotify-internal-email-uber-partnership-concerns-sexism-scandal As criticism of Uber has mounted over the past month, one of its most prominent partners has discussed whether to continue its relationship with the company. Spotify decided not to...
  4. Pizzaburrito

    The Jazz or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Ride

    For better or worse, I've been a driver for over 3 years now. It's been a part time job that my family have been able to leverage in order to supplement income for things we want, rather than things we need. When we want to save for a vacation, I hammer it out for a month, when Christmas...
  5. UberMeansSuper

    Uber dumped Spotify for Pandora

    I did the Spotify + Aux cable once I got an iPhone. Then some rich privilege kid got on and was playing awful music so I never did this again (and, plus, it uses my data, not his). Today I noticed a prominent music note logo over the map before you can Go Online. I found the below splash...
  6. MulletMan

    Show us the setup with the most useful gadgets

    I've been Ubering and Lyfting for about six weeks. I've been working on getting a nice setup for myself and pax. So far I have: Galaxy 5s for Lyft- waze Galaxy note 4 for Uber- waze Samsung 10" tablet for aux navigation- google maps Nuvi 2689 LMT for 2nd backup nav- gps Falcon F360 dashcam...
  7. P


    This article got me thinking: have you had ANY pax recently that actually bothered themselves with the Spotify feature? I think it's pretty-much been forgotten.