1. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Yea I can’t seem to let this go

    Luka’s season is shaping up to be a MVP caliber season with the Mavs turning into a threat in the division. Us folks in Atlanta on the other hand has got this knock-off brand of Curry in TraeYoung 😔 This is bs and everyone is acting like it was a decent trade. How in the fk do you pass on the...
  2. BurgerTiime

    More YouTubers are cashing in on "Surprise you have a Exotic Sports car instead!"

    Despite being against Uber's policy, illegal, having inproper insurance during ride, many YouTubers are cashing in on surprising riders with exotic pickups stunts in order to gain subscribers and views. Often times recording and posting unnecessary acceleration and speed in a borrowed car. Many...
  3. nostrils

    Ducks play tonight

    Anyone around Anaheim ducks vs carolina tonight, lots of rides.
  4. Butterfield

    Olympics in LA in 2028

    it's going to be Crazy in LA...11 years from now. Think of the life changing money! I will retire shortly thereafter. ;) Nah, with the traffic, we'll get one ride in an hour tops
  5. DryvLine

    Denver DryvLine: Plan your driving. Free email newsletter.

    Hello Denver Drivers, Denver Dryvline is a free, easy to read, Denver specific weekly email newsletter which gives drivers local and up to date information about if, where, and when each day of the upcoming week will see demand. It is delivered once a week in a simple and easy to use format...
  6. helloitzme

    Best Busch Stadium Pickup spot

    Hi - I'm a newbie and have been working the Cardinals games both dropping off and after games. The cabs seem to have the best pickup spot (taxi lane) on Broadway. Is there an ideal spot to instruct pax to be for easy pickup? I've been using Clark and 8th, but the traffic is maddening. Doubling...
  7. C

    Sports Games and Concerts

    Is it worth it to head down to the stadiums on nights when things are going on? Pick-ups at Citizens Bank Park or Wells Fargo, let alone Linc seem to be more trouble then they are worth trying to find the passengers in the cluster f*** after games and what not. Anyone disagree?
  8. DentonDriver

    North Texas Driver

    Hello, everyone -- I've been driving Uber for about a year now, and love it. Recently, I started driving in Denton, Texas (~40 min. north of downtown Dallas or Fort Worth). If there are any other DFW drivers (especially those who frequent Denton) drop me a line! p.s. Univ. of North Texas...