1. MagnumFarce


    How strick are you about seatbelt use? Lyft sent me a message that a Pax had reported me for starting to move before they put on their seatbelt. I guess that I will have to be more insistent that everyone buckle up before I get underway. The pax was also upset that I was going below the speed...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    ACT Policing targeting speeding in April

    ACT Policing media release: Police targeting speeding this April Publish date: Wednesday, 4 April 2018, Publish time: 12:57 pm ACT Policing is proactively targeting speeding for the month of April. Speeding is a major contributor to injury and death on ACT roads, it reduces...
  3. Two Hard Punches

    Rumor or not - How many traffic tickets before you're out?

    Hi Peeps, I've been browsing around and can't find any info regarding written polices with Uber or Lyft regarding traffic tickets and being suspended or kicked off the platform. Are these rumors? If not, can anyone point me to any documentation around this? Also, separate question, is a 25%...
  4. J

    Speeding Tickets

    I have 4 speeding tickets in the last 2.5 years, all under 15 mph over. Lyft passed my driving record. Will Uber do the same? I can't seem to find any clarifying information. Some forums say no more than 3 in 36 months, some say as long as they aren't over 20 mph you are fine. Please advice.
  5. MarioAndretti

    Uber Pays Speeding Ticket

    Early Sunday morning I'm driving a few older women to church. They didn't want to miss a thing so they told me to "punch it". I'm in shady side going up Baum just breezing through like a hurricane. (Ladies loved it) saw lights behind me... pulled over cop says I was doing 67 in a 35... I said I...
  6. Jack Malarkey

    10 worst excuses given to police for speeding in Canberra

    (http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/act-policing-list-top-speeding-excuses-people-use-to-avoid-fines-20170726-gxj89l.html) My favourite is excuse 8. My second favourite is excuse 10. The article itself has another corker of an excuse: 'A magpie flew in front of my car and it was carrying...
  7. Sari

    *** Ticket ALERT ***4 NYC

    NYC police and state troopers are hiding in unexpected locations giving out tickets. Here are the location I've seen them for over 3 days. Houston st 1 officer checking speeding when you get to the end of the block 2 cars filled waiting to greet the speeder. FDR. Exit 5 state trooper or...
  8. ray954

    speeding ticket

    got a speeding ticket in broward 64 mph in a 45 mph zone I accepted the no contest plea with held adjudication, no points $150 court costs i realize now this is essentially a conviction afraid this will cause me to be deactivated I read somewhere anything over 15 mph are grounds for...
  9. Maven

    Who Gets the Ticket?

    If two cars pass a cop at the same time, one traveling at 100mph and the other at 120mph, which one does the cop try to pull over? _________ Gordon Miller, works at G3i Ventures Assuming the cop is standing still and considering the departmental policy concerning pursuits over 100 mph, the...
  10. T


    FYI, speed cameras are still legal if they are being monitored by a live officer present. There is one that I was a victim of in Brice, OH. It is a very small township on the eastside of Columbus, only about a mile stretch of road, but they have cameras, THEY ARE OUT THERE EVERYDAY AND WILL...
  11. C

    POLICE Charger—will come w/rear-facing camera and radar system

    The car maker just announced its latest Charger Pursuit—one of the most popular vehicles for US law enforcement agencies—will come ready to spot (and foil) ambushes from the back, thanks to a rear-facing camera and radar system. As a bonus, parent company Fiat Chrysler will provide the feature...
  12. Craig M

    Criminal Speeding

    Hey guys- So I have been doing Uber for about a year and I just recently applied to do Lyft but got denied because of my driving record. Does anyone know if a criminal speeding ticket can be expunged in the state of Arizona? I know in some states this can be done. Thanks in advance! -Craig
  13. Uberface007

    Bada PING!!!!!

    Bada Ping!!!!!! I know some of you guys cleaned up tonight during those surges. Good for you! Its about time Uber threw us a bone. Oh and did you get ping'd for driving to fast? I did✔. I just laughed so hard when it popped up. Now they are monitoring how fast we drive? First the rough breaking...
  14. I

    School Zone Speeding Camera

    143rd and Springfield Ave. Was doing 37 in a 25. FYI.
  15. Drivingthecattlehome

    Police don't like smart asses

    Have a close friend of mine who is a Policeman. He always advises me not to be a smart ass and chat back to traffic police. He states that they listen to smart asses all day and last thing they want is another smart ass. He states that if you don't argue and admit to any offence they will use...
  16. John Yoo

    Help: I'm getting denied from rental agencies.

    I've already been to two agencies that Uber's vehicle solutions program and been denied. This is due to a speeding violation of 8 points from over two years ago. What are my other options?
  17. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Uber taps smartphone sensors to track speeding!

    Unlike humans, machines don't lie. So Uber is turning to them to help it tell whether Uber drivers really are driving recklessly. Uber's system is all about reputation for both passengers and drivers, who are always asked to rate their experience after a ride. Until now, if a passenger was...
  18. MikesUber

    Uber is Tracking Drivers to Catch Them If They Speed