1. Lissetti

    Seattle speed limit to be reduced to 25 mph on 80 percent of city streets

    Seattle to reduce speed limit on 80 percent of city roads The citywide speed limit will be reduced to 25 miles per hour. Residential streets, without a divider, will remain at 20 mph. Author: Michael Crowe Published: 9:11 PM PST December 10, 2019 Updated: 9:11 PM PST December 10, 2019...
  2. C

    Ever taken a pax to one of these?

    A bit of an obscure scenario here, but have you ever taken a pax to/ from a venue which was holding one of the ever popular annual charity video game speed running marathons such as GDQ (Games Done Quick)? For the curious/ unfamiliar, these are huge events where hundreds (if not thousands) of...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Do Drivers That TAILGATE Bother You? What Do You Do About It?

    A recent incident (Early May, 2019) on the 410 to Brampton in the High Occupancy Lanes highlights the speed differential, and tailgating problem in the Greater Toronto Area. How Close to do you drive to other people on the Highway? Do you leave the passing lanes (leftmost lanes) open, or do you...
  4. M

    Speed stats

    hi guys, dumb question, does uber hand more pings to faster drivers or is it always about proximity to restaurant/passenger ? thanks
  5. Janabethz

    Rider Reports Me on 1/2/2019 re: Driving Speed For Ride 30 Days Ago!?

    Hey all! I got an email Wednesday night from Uber support about how a passenger on a “recent” trip felt uncomfortable with my driving speed. Here’s the rub, I haven’t driven for Uber since November 15, 2018. I have responded to Uber and haven’t heard back yet. My question, what’s the time limit...
  6. FormerTaxiDriver♧

    Accusation that, "I was driving below the speed limit"

    Don't know if the pax had trouble paying up or what, but it seems to be a case of trying to get a free ride. The weather has been wet and foggy. I also seen many more accidents lately, so my driving is more cautious. I think this allegation is a joke, because complaints (not about me) are...
  7. MrNick812

    New App Monitoring Speed

    I just noticed on my last trip that the new app showed the speed limit of each road I was on. If I went above the speed limit a red icon with my speed would appear. Is that just for us or is Uber going to monitor our speed?
  8. Punisher187

    Brooklyn Bridge Camry doing 80-90MPH

    Hey neteX Was that you doing almost 100 MPH at around 1:50am last night? I was on my way home when I saw that TC Camry 2015-17 tinted windows with LEDs on head lights and fog lights. He was headed to Manhattan. I opened the app to make sure if there was a big surge or something but there was...
  9. T

    Urgent. Received an unsafe driving warning.

    I have been driving for Uber for over a year, I have received over 1200 5-star ratings, over 200 compliments. I am currently at a 4.87 overall star rating. However, today, I received a complaint that I was driving too fast, and a message from Uber warning me that repeated complaints could...
  10. IERide

    Just got my first NastyGram from Der Uber

    I just got an email from Uber telling me that one of my passengers felt “uncomfortable” with my speed while driving.. I’m guessing it was the sour-faced little girl i picked up from the local community college, who was already upset with me because I went to where she placed her pin which was...
  11. Marco Solo

    Stealth driving in airplane mode?

    Boober tracks my speed, braking and acceleration. Would it still be able to do that if I drove a pax in airplane mode?
  12. Fargle

    I drove 88 miles an hour

    I drove 88 miles an hour. At least that's what Uber seems to think. All that was lost was $3.75 in cancellation fee, but the way Uber handled this so mightily pissed me off that I finally decided to sign up for an account here. In the wee hours of the morning, I finished a trip and a few...
  13. S

    Whats the top speed you guys did with a pax?

    How fast do you guys drive on the highway with no cops around on a 40km trip or more? Or lets say, your top speed. Did anyone go over 200? Be honest.
  14. galileo5

    Evidence of Uber's speed warning!

    I saw this earlier as I was driving my passenger a long ways away. I know it's been posted about before, but no visual evidence. So when I saw it, decided to pop out the other phone to snap a quick pic to share with y'alls.
  15. New2This

    You have balls...

    No this wasn't told to me by some drunk chick trying to 'grab my lizard' as UberSaur would say. This was someone commenting on how I drive: 'you drive like you have balls.' I asked what he meant & he said he rides Uber a lot & always gets Uber drivers that go 10mph under the speed limit and...
  16. Uruber

    Dear rider....

    I totally understand that you are late or that you may miss your fly, but unfortunately Uber now is on top of me and the other drivers for the way I brake and acelarate, I am sure you understand that I can't be ruining the stats of my company with Uber trying to fix the fact that you are...