1. ChristianZound


  2. S

    Spam Texts from UBER

    I have been getting unsolicited texts from UBER since early January. I have never signed up for an account nor applied to be a driver. They insist these messages are not coming from them and are a phishing scam (so there's not way they can stop them). Can you please tell me if these sound like...
  3. Laz Yoldlug

    Flag Uber Driver Recruitment ads on Craigslist (Uber Spam)

    Our "Partners" at Uber are continually posting & reposting driver recruitment ads on Craigslist. They are openly not following Craigslist's rules. They are rejecting Craigslist rules. Please see for yourself.... Go to and enter uber in the search box Uber...
  4. Hondaguy7643

    Out of control text messages!

    So I know a lot of you wised up ages ago and opted out of text alerts. They never really bothered me, plus I used to attempt the guarantees so when it switched to text alerts only I just let them roll in. Yesterday and today were so out of control I finally typed back "stop". 16 messages...