1. ANThonyBoreDaneCook

    Thank God!!!!

  2. Uber_duber

    The word "sorry" doesn't mean anything

    I just gave one star to a passenger who said "sorry". What does sorry mean? Words don't mean anything. I take you to two destinations, then back to the first one. So that's three. The first one he runs in to grab some groceries. He even asked me if I needed anything. Cool. Nice and quick...
  3. S


    To all of those who I upset in the future with my 1 star ratings. If you get kicked off the uber platform, don't worry, there is always the knowledge test you can apply for. Hahahahaha fools!!!!
  4. Cou-ber

    Confession & Humble Apology

    Good evening, My name is Cou-ber and I am going to drive tonight. I suck. I want change. I support change. We deserve change. I know Uber is sodomizing us. This pisses me off. I will be pissed off behind the wheel and with you all in solidarity while I am waiting for a ping. I feel like a...