1. Suism

    How each app can improve [The bane of driver's lives & solutions]

    Since I was introduced to this forum there's always been multiple constructive criticisms with decent solutions that were thought of by you the members. So rather than having it all spaced out that people will just forget about, I wanted to create a thread where we could at least have a...
  2. Maven

    Why is Charging My Phone Slow?

    Lots of drivers have noticed this and looked for help on this forum. Some answers have been provided. Obviously, being able to run multiple energy-intensive Apps concurrently on a cell phone or tablet continuously for several hours is essential for rideshare drivers. You may even see the cell...
  3. GR8driverATL

    A Simple Solution (UberPOOL & LyftLINE)

    Many passengers favor the discounted fares available through UberPool and LyftLINE, and who can blame them? Securing full service at a fraction of the price makes perfect sense, right? Many drivers however, view these products with considerable disdain, some to the point of refusing to accept...
  4. DontLease

    BAMA Lease Dont Do It

    $164+$12.95= $176.95(lease) +$100 over miles +$135.00 gas card= $411.95 per week then add insurance yes im broke im not kidding i love UBER and Bama
  5. Wallyma

    Ideas that can help Uber with the current issues in 2016 surging/customer&driver dissatisfaction.

    I'd like to start a post with helpful ideas from other forum members. Concepts that Uber might consider to increase profits. Hopefully Uber browses these forums and might take in consideration some ideas we present here. I feel that with the current pricing/procedures started in 2016 in...
  6. TxTech

    TURN OFF YOUR APP - 3:00 PM 9/25 TO 4:00 AM 9/28 - Be the solution

    Did you benefit from last weeks Uber Dallas driver protest? Probably not since Uber's response was targeted and benefited a select few. UberSUV do you feel you got a good deal? UberBlack do you like the deal you got? UberSelect, how do you like putting UberX riders in you luxury cars? UberXL...
  7. TwoFiddyMile

    How you and you and you can topple Uber!

    First off, I am a subversive at heart. I make no bones about being pro cab, anti Uber. Here's a great subversive idea to topple the giant: 1) Get livery plates, livery insurance. The name of this type of licensing differs from state to state but it's essentially the licensing which was designed...