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  1. Hans schmidt

    Idea for new uber software, where do I find a developer?

    I'm sure people say it all the time, but I really do have the next big uber idea, really pushing the software in a completely different direction that will develope new income streams for uber, its drivers and partners, but I can't get any of uber developers to give me the time of day. What...
  2. Maven

    Secret Uber software steers drivers from stings

    NY Times reports "Uber on Friday acknowledged the use of a secret software program to steer drivers away from trouble, including sting operations by local authorities to catch lawbreakers." https://uk.news.yahoo.com/secret-uber-software-steers-drivers-225933805.html I wish they'd use in...
  3. Maven

    3rd Party Applications

    In addition to Waze and Google Maps there are many 3rd party Apps designed to help Uber drivers, not riders. IMHO, there should be a place to: List and/or recommend them Rate and compare them Suggest new features to software developers Talk about work-arounds to bugs Decide if the paid (not...
  4. Andie

    Useful apps/software/products for efficient driving

    Hi everyone! Can you please help me with some information? What are some online services/tools I can look through to become an efficient Uber partner? I am thinking software to aid any or all processes, from me to becoming a partner to maybe having a fleet (management, any kind of assistance I...
  5. circle1

    Uber; Rewarding or Punishing via Tracking and Watching Drivers?

    So, put yourself in the shoes of multi-billionaire investors & the hired-gun $110,000/year executives in charge of ensuring their Return On Investment. With the technology now in place, monitoring your every move is de rigueur. Hell, we can be fairly certain that a few members on this website...
  6. M

    Uber Fleet Management Software

    I am doing some ground work on a new software development and wanted to get a feel for what demand there might be for software to help those that use Uber in a fleet scenario. Are there enough fleets operating in Uber to warrant custom made software for fleet management. Is there any...
  7. Laz Yoldlug

    Beware of "Curvesides" solicitations!!!

    Got a Facebook friend request yesterday. I thought it might be something related to rideshare so I investigated further. I found the email address and sent them an email asking 3 or 4 simple questions. I also asked to receive specific information as all that the Facebook profile indicated was...
  8. AllenChicago

    Lyft Software Application: Questions & Observations.

    February 11, 2016 Does anyone know if there is a Change-Update LOG that shows what Lyft is changing when it pushes out Lyft Application updates every week? Never seen a company push out weekly application changes/updates before. I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. But it...