snow day

  1. Underground

    Highest surge you caught this snow storm!

    I know the app shows 3x or 4x. The most I got was 1.9x What about you guys?
  2. SisterSoldier

    Snow Storm: Atlanta 2018

    So with the winter storm, power outages in many cities across Georgia, boredom strikes and people therefore insist on requesting rides because they probably don’t want to drive themselves, are stuck wherever they are, or simply still want to “go out” despite the warnings to stay off the roads. I...
  3. TSqrd

    Uber Snow Day (I mean Snow Job) Vacation Contest

    Anyone else but me notice that Uber just pulled a major contest offer bait and switch move? When Uber Snow Day was introduced in February, the offer was that a vacation for two would be awarded, with the winner being announced on February 29, 2016. Did you see the winner's name anywhere in...
  4. pizza guy

    Flawed 1 minute pool cost me gaurentee

    I signed up for the Tuesday Snow day gaurentee, just in case. I was logged on from about 530-830. Sure enough I ended up with a bunch of short trips along I-88 in Naperville and Lisle driving people from hotels to corporate headquarters. The trips were shorter than even most metra dropoffs...