1. Cal89

    Fake Ubereats SMS Promotions

    SO, after a month delivering with UberEats, the cracks are now emerging. The 2x boosted areas seem to be no more, and on top of that i am now receiving texts with fake promotions that don't pay out. I received 3 sms texts over 3 different days last week reading: "Uber Eats PROMOTION 20/08...
  2. CastIronPancake

    Courteousy Text Passenger Idea, yay or nay?

    I've read so many different opinions on texting passengers, but I feel like I'd appreiate this as a rider. What do you guys think? Let me give you the script: 1)Trip Accepted AutoSMS to pax (via Tasker): "Hello! This is your driver, _____, and I'm on my way! If you could, please confirm your...