1. The Angels

    Is it a requirement to be a cigarette smoker at the LAX holding area

    Wow, I didn't know so many people still smoked until I was at the LAX holding area... I figure in 2018 you should be vaping, as it's healthier. At one point, this Filipino dude comes up to me with his cigarette in hand to talk to me while blowing smoke in my face (I don't smoke). The thing is...
  2. Halfmybrain

    That last drag

    No, not about a ping from Sidetrack. Anyone ever refuse, rebuke, or lock the door on smokers? I can't stand it when I pull up, someone is smoking and they take one last drag on their cigarette (which they just flick on the ground) before getting in my car. If I can afford to refuse all Pool...
  3. S


    Is there a way for uber to let pax know not to smoke 2 to 3 minutes before expected pick up from driver...tired of approaching pax only to see them just outing a cigarette just before trying to open my door (which stays locked for 45 seconds to a minute before its unlocked so they can open the...
  4. NyukNyuk

    Denial of Service complaint. Deactivated (14 hours).

    [I'm making this a separate post after telling this story on an unrelated thread.] On Saturday I drove away from 6 ethnically diverse smokers, and today 1:00 a.m. I got Deactivated for a Denial of Service complaint. This morning when I awoke I saw the message and knew immediately which request...
  5. SisterSoldier

    Dealing with PAX who smell like cigarettes..

    So this isn't all the time, but most of the time when I drive, I always manage to pick up someone who smells like a whole damn pack of cigarettes I keep Ozium in my car to spray after they get out of my car, which tends to help most times...but the scent still lingers for a minute after they get...
  6. F

    Dulles Airport 5x lol

    had drop off in Dulles airport gotta smoke in uber airport Lot uber show me i got 101 look i just said let me count how many car here lol the lot is full ! i count themat there was 500 car lol the total parking space is 600 ! what jock uber tells me wait only 101 car here lol i count and...
  7. GoGo Girl

    Smoking vs Non-Smoking: Do Riders/Drivers get to choose?

    Will Uber ever update their rider app so riders can request a non-smoking car (and vice-versa)? I was shocked to see other Uber drivers sitting and smoking in their cars while waiting at the airport! As a non-smoker, I would NOT want to have to pay good money to have to ride in a smoker's...
  8. FultonRealist

    Passengers: Smokers or alcohol smell

    Does anyone have an issue with passengers smoking a cigarette or reeking of alcohol that will funky up your car smell right before they get in?