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  1. The Angels

    Is it a requirement to be a cigarette smoker at the LAX holding area

    Wow, I didn't know so many people still smoked until I was at the LAX holding area... I figure in 2018 you should be vaping, as it's healthier. At one point, this Filipino dude comes up to me with his cigarette in hand to talk to me while blowing smoke in my face (I don't smoke). The thing is...
  2. mrDEE630

    Super slow... smoke?

    its suuuuuuper quiet out here tonight. Or is it just me? I think the smoke has everyone staying inside. Anyone staying busy in a certain area tonight?
  3. MrEUber

    Removing persistent smells?

    I drive mostly at night and I tend to pickup drivers who are often coming from clubs. I keep a couple bottles of Febreze in the car for in between rides but often the morning after when I get into my car to head to my main job I still smell the scent of smoke from various Blunts and cigarettes...
  4. GoGo Girl

    Smoking vs Non-Smoking: Do Riders/Drivers get to choose?

    Will Uber ever update their rider app so riders can request a non-smoking car (and vice-versa)? I was shocked to see other Uber drivers sitting and smoking in their cars while waiting at the airport! As a non-smoker, I would NOT want to have to pay good money to have to ride in a smoker's...
  5. 2CV750CC

    one for a laugh

    they make this one for Oktoberfest seen in Florida uber on and if not have a uber smoke
  6. rjokay

    The reality of the super-snotty passive aggressive pax

    Well it finally happened... After a month of driving for Lyft, 284 rides, I finally got my first rating under 5 stars... And probably WAY under, as I went from 5.0 to 4.91! There it was on my summary, infuriatingly they also flagged me for cleanliness! Are you kidding me?? "Car reeked of...
  7. N

    Anyone Else Cancel When Someone is Smoking As You Pull Up?

    I had a serious stink problem in my car for weeks after picking up a passenger who was smoking as I pulled up. So, I have started just either driving off, canceling or sometimes informing them why I am refusing their ride. Has anyone else adopted this policy?
  8. B

    Las Vegas Drivers....one thing you're doing wrong can really hurt you.

    Here's the answer: You are smoking in your car.......I get it, it is your own private vehicle.....you should have the right to do with it what you want.....right? When I was signing up for Uber down on Dean Martin Drive (the Hampton Inn) I witnessed several people coming through the line and...