1. P

    Short trip from Airport = jump the queue next time

    On Tuesday I was trying my luck in the SMF pen - loyal ant that I am - and got a trip tagged "Short Trip: will save your place for 6 hours". As expected it was a quick trip to a house just off Del Paso Rd. for a fiver. So I go back to the pen based on what the app said and sure enough I'm at...
  2. Snowball83

    SMF at night time

    Hi fellow drivers! I've been driving for about a month but have not only drive part time. I was wondering if it was worth it to drive to SMF on a week night and wait for riders? I'm in Lodi so that's about a 30 minute drive..... I plan to do it from 10 PM til 7 AM. I don't really want to do the...
  3. PapaDug

    Trash left at SMF

    Drivers at Sacramento Airport, how using the hikers motto of "Pack it in, Pack it out" for your leftover food, drink and general trash instead of throwing it alongside the road at the designated staging area for SMF pickup. I took this picture today and this is only part of it. I intend to...
  4. AeroVic

    Sac Airport any better?

    Just curious if SMF got any less congested driver wise? Anyone got a $ figure estimate for 8 hours of sitting there?
  5. Matt Reynolds

    SMF Airport Drop off and Pick up locations

    I'm a newer driver and have been requested a few times now to drop off and pick up at SMF Airport. I want to avoid a citation. Any suggestions on when I am pinged, where I can stop at the Terminal. I saw Terminal B says Taxis, so I waited in the back of the line of the other Taxis. Where have...